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Temporal range: Anisian
Stenaulorhynchus stockleyi Tubingen 5.JPG
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Rhynchosauria
Family: Hyperodapedontidae
Genus: Stenaulorhynchus
Haughton, 1932
  • S. stockleyi Haughton, 1932 (type)

Stenaulorhynchus is an extinct genus of hyperodapedontid rhynchosaur from Middle Triassic (Anisian stage) deposits of Tanganyika Territory, Tanzania. It was found in the Manda Formation. It was first named by Sidney Henry Haughton in 1932 and the type species is Stenaulorhynchus stockleyi.[1]


Many specimens of S. stockleyi have been found to date:[2]

  • IGMPT-317 A/B (f)
  • IGMPT-303e
  • BMNH R-9270 (f)
  • BMNH R-9271
  • BMNH R-9273 (f)
  • BMNH R-9275 (f)
  • BMNH R-9277 (f)
  • BMNH R-9279 (f)
  • BMNH R-9281
  • BMNH R-10007
  • BMNH R-10008
  • BMNH 1464


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