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Stewart Shining is a New York City-based photographer of contemporary actors, musicians, and models. Shining, born in Burlington, Vermont, and who grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota,[1] studied at the Parsons School of Design in the early 1980s and has been commissioned by both Vanity Fair and Vogue. He has worked on ad campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria's Secret, J. Crew, Ralph Lauren and Express.[2] In 2001, he photographed Elsa Benítez, Luján Fernández, Daniela Peštová, and Shakara Ledard for the Sports Illustrateds Swimsuit Issue,[3] and one of his photos of Benítez (pictured right) was selected for the cover.[4] He has continued to participate as a regular photographer for the annual Swimsuit Issue and recently shot for the upcoming "body painting" feature for 2011.

One of Shining's favorite photos occurred on assignment in Phuket, Thailand when a model jumped in the rain-pelted ocean.[5] He has shot a pre-teen Natalie Portman,[6] and more recently, when Drew Barrymore was named People Magazine's 2007 "World's Most Beautiful Person" Shining was chosen as the photographer.[7][8] He has produced numerous covers for Rolling Stone magazine including covers in back to back months in 2002.[9] He has also had numerous cover shots for Lucky, Self and Glamour.[10] Among his recent photo shoot subjects are Evangeline Lilly, Pink, Keira Knightley, and Alessandra Ambrosio.[11] In 2008, Shining took Alicia Keys' publicity shots for As I Am.[12] Also, in 2008 his photos of Rachel Bilson appeared in Lucky.[13]

Shining serves on the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation,[2] and is the president of ACRIA.[14] He has volunteered to take photographs on behalf of the Heart Gallery of New Jersey to help children find adoptive parents.[15]


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