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Transitway station
Location Shea Road
Stittsville, Ontario
Coordinates 45°15′49″N 75°54′24″W / 45.26361°N 75.90667°W / 45.26361; -75.90667Coordinates: 45°15′49″N 75°54′24″W / 45.26361°N 75.90667°W / 45.26361; -75.90667
Owned by OC Transpo
Preceding station   OC Transpo   Following station
Terminus Route 61
toward St. Laurent
Terminus Route 62
toward St. Laurent

Stittsville Transitway Station is a bus-stop on Ottawa, Ontario's transitway served by OC Transpo buses. It located on Shea Road at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex in Stittsville, Ontario.

It is the western terminus of some route 61 trips.[1] A park and ride facility also located in Stittsville but it is not served by the 61 (only express route 262 runs by the facility near Carp Road and Highway 417).[2][3] Service on route 61 to/from this station generally operates every 30 minutes during all time periods, except 15 minute peak service on route 61C (eastbound in the morning and westbound in the afternoon) and hourly frequencies on weekend evenings.[1]

Service on route 61 and route 61C have been shortened to start/end at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex on Shea Road. Route 62 provides service on Granite Ridge Drive, previously served by route 61 and 61C.[1][4]

As of 28 June 2015, route 96A trips were replaced by route 92 (now route 62). Route 62 operates on Campeau Drive between Kanata Avenue and Eagleson Road, replacing local route 164. At the same time, both route 61 and route 62 were be shortened to start/end at St-Laurent Station, as the eastern leg of the Transitway is being converted to LRT for the Confederation Line by 2018. Routes 61 and 62 also both serve Ottawa Train Station on Tremblay instead of Train Station. Service on route 62 otherwise is the same as route 96A within Kanata and Stittsville. Route 62 only services Stittsville during weekday peak periods and weekday midday at 30 minute headway (as was the case with route 96A).[4]


The following routes serve Stittsville Station:
Rapid Routes: 61 62


  • Route 61C morning trips don't travel via Katimavik Road or Terry Fox Station; buses travel via Castlefrank Road and Highway 417 to get to Eagleson Station.
  • Route 61C afternoon trips travel via Katimavik Road, but don't travel via Terry Fox Station and instead turn left at Castlefrank Road.
  • Route 62 serves the Stittsville community Monday-Friday only.
  • Route 62 eastbound trips before 12:00 noon travel via Fringewood Drive between Abbott Street East and Hazeldean Road, but trips after 12:00 noon travel via Iber Road.
  • Route 62 westbound trips before 12:00 noon travel via Iber Road between Hazeldean Road and Abbott Street East, but trips after 12:00 noon travel via Fringewood Drive.
  • Route 62 has selected weekday evening eastbound trips that travel from Stittsville to Terry Fox only.
  • Route 261 is available nearby at the intersection of Abbott Street East and Shea Road.


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