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Stoker and Holmes is the name of a series of young adult novels by American author Colleen Gleason.[1] The series is set in a steampunk London and features two young women with famous relatives: Alvermina (Mina) Holmes, the niece of Sherlock Holmes, and Evaline Stoker, the sister of Bram Stoker. Evaline is also a descendant of Victoria Gardella of The Gardella Vampire Chronicles.

The first book in the series, The Clockwork Scarab, was published by Chronicle Books in September 2013.[2] The second book, titled The Spiritglass Charade, was published in October 2014.[3] The third book, The Chess Queen Enigma, was published a year later, in October 2015.[4] The fourth book, titled The Carnelian Crow, is set to come out in July 2017.