Stony Rapids

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Stony Rapids is located in Saskatchewan
Stony Rapids
Stony Rapids
Location of Stony Rapids in Saskatchewan
Stony Rapids sign

Stony Rapids is a northern hamlet in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, with a total population of 360 residents. Located 82 kilometres (51 mi) south of the border to the Northwest Territories, the community is astride the Fond du Lac River. This river connects the community to Fond-du-Lac, Uranium City and Camsell Portage.


There is no paved road that connects Stony Rapids to the rest of the province. There is a dirt/gravel road from Stony Rapids to Points North Landing and from there to the southern part of the province. This road is open year round although during the summer it is quite rough and slow traveling. Also, there is a winter ice road from Fond-du-Lac and Uranium City for most of the winter. In the summer months, the travel is done by boat. Like most northern settlements, Stony Rapids relies on its Stony Rapids Airport for vital transportation. There is also a year-round road to the community of Black Lake, 20 kilometres (12 mi) southeast.

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Coordinates: 59°15′17″N 105°50′19″W / 59.25472°N 105.83861°W / 59.25472; -105.83861