Black Lake Denesuline First Nation

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Black Lake Denesuline First Nation
Band No. 359
Black Lake Denesuline First Nation logo.png
Band symbol
NASA Saskatchewan Canada.A2002236.1810.721.250m (1)-001.jpg
Satellite image of Black Lake
TreatyTreaty 8
HeadquartersBlack Lake
Land area322.197 km2
Population (2019)[1]
On reserve1638
Off reserve617
Total population2255
ChiefCoreen Sayazie
Tribal Council[1]
Prince Albert Grand Council

Black Lake is a Denesuline First Nations band government in the boreal forest of northern Saskatchewan, Canada. It is located on the northwest shore of Black Lake where the Fond du Lac River leaves the lake to flow to Lake Athabasca.

It is the main administrative headquarters of the Black Lake Denesuline Nation reserve with a land base of over 32,000 hectares (79,074 acres).[2] Formerly, the Black Lake band used the name "Stony Rapids", which is now the name of a separate community 20 kilometres (12 mi) northwest and downstream on the Fond du Lac River, not on reserve land.

Black Lake Dene Nation[edit]

Black Lake Dene Nation is a band government with territory at three locations: Chicken 224, Chicken 225 and Chicken 226.[3][4]

Black Lake First Nation had a total registered membership of 2,044 with 1,592 members residing on-reserve and 452 members residing at locations off-reserve in September, 2013.[3] It is a member of the Prince Albert Grand Council.[3]


The 2011 census reported 1,040 residents of Black Lake chose Dene as their mother tongue in 2011. All but 5 residents spoke English.[4]

Canada census – Black Lake Denesuline First Nation community profile
2011 2006
Population: 1,070 (-3.5% from 2006) 1,109 (+5.2% from 2001)
Land area: 234.44 km2 (90.52 sq mi) 234.44 km2 (90.52 sq mi)
Population density: 4.6/km2 (12/sq mi) 4.7/km2 (12/sq mi)
Median age: 22.5 (M: 22.4, F: 22.8) 20.9 (M: 20.8, F: 21.1)
Total private dwellings: 234 227
Median household income:
References: 2011[6] 2006[7] earlier[8]



Black lake is accessible via road year round following the completion of secondary highway 905 (Previously a seasonal road). Black lake is also accessible from the community of Stony Rapids (which is accessible by air) by road.

The community is served by air by Black Lake Water Aerodrome, and by Stony Rapids Airport.

Health care[edit]

The Athabasca Health Facility completed in 2003 at the cost of $12.7 million provides health care services to the Athabasca region. The hospital, located on reserve land (Chicken 224) adjacent to the northern hamlet of Stony Rapids, is part of the Athabasca Health Authority.[9][10]


Father Porte Memorial School offers kindergarten to 12 and has an enrolment of 460 students.[11]

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