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Strange Forces is a young adult fiction series by Marty M. Engle and Johnny Ray Barnes, Jr. This mini-series occurs within the world of "Strange Matter", its parent series. The story involves some of the main characters from the first 10 books of Strange Matter. Unlike Strange Matter, an episodic series in the vein of Goosebumps, each of the books in 'Strange Forces' is part of a larger, continuous narrative. Although at least eight books were planned for the series, only four were published. Publication began in early 1996, ending in late 1997. Deeply rooted in the Paranormal, the Strange Forces series, as well as the Strange Matter series, contain a smattering of various cryptozoological and other-worldly entities.

List of Books Released[edit]

1. Strange Matter: Strange Forces

2. Strange Forces 2

3. Strange Forces 3

4. Strange Forces: The Last Buru

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