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Origin Snug, Tasmania, Australia
Genres Black metal
Dark ambient
Years active 1994 – present
Labels Razed Soul Productions
Southern Lord
Asgard Musik
Finsternis Productions (Sin Nanna's own label)

Striborg is a black metal/ambient band from Tasmania. Its sole member, Russell Menzies, began Striborg in 1994 under the stage name "Sin Nanna". He has also recorded under the names Kathaaria and Veil of Darkness. Sin Nanna recorded and released demos on a yearly basis until 2004, when his first studio album was released. His lyrics reveal a fascination with forests, darkness, night, misanthropy and death. The names 'Striborg' and 'Sin Nanna' are the names of a Slavonic wind god (which is really spelled 'Stribog') and Mesopotamian moon god, respectively.


  • Sin Nanna – All instruments and vocals


Note: asterisk (*) indicates that the album has been re-released.


  • 1995: A Tragic Journey Towards the Light (as Kathaaria)
  • 1996: Through the Forest to Spiritual enlightenment (as Kathaaria)
  • 1997: Isle de Morts (as Kathaaria)
  • 1997: Cold Winter Moon
  • 1998: Misanthropic Isolation*
  • 2000: In the Heart of the Rainforest
  • 2002: Nocturnal Emissions
  • 2003: Nyctophobia


  • 2003: A Tragic Journey... / Through the Forest...
  • 2003: Isle de Morts / Cold Winter Moon
  • 2003: Misanthropic Isolation / In the Heart of the Rainforest*
  • 2003: Nocturnal Emissions / Nyctophobia*
  • 2004: 10 Years of Roaming the Forests (94-04)
  • 2006: Misanthropic Isolation - Roaming the Forests
  • 2008: In the Heart of the Rainforest / Through the Forest to Spiritual Enlightenment
  • 2016: Purifying the River of Tears

Full-length albums[edit]

  • 2004: Spiritual Catharsis*
  • 2004: Mysterious Semblance*
  • 2005: Black Desolate Winter & Depressive Hibernation*
  • 2005: Trepidation*
  • 2006: Embittered Darkness
  • 2006: Nefaria
  • 2007: Ghostwoodlands
  • 2007: Solitude
  • 2008: Autumnal Melancholy
  • 2008: Foreboding Silence
  • 2008: Perceiving The World With Hate
  • 2009: Southwest Passage
  • 2015: This Suffocating Existence
  • 2016: Spiritual Deprivation

Split releases[edit]

  • 2007: The Epitome of Misanthropy (with Xasthur)
  • 2007: Psychedelic Nightmare (with Scurshahor)
  • 2009: Florestas de Perpétua Solidão (with Defuntos)
  • 2009: Black Hatred in a Ghostly Corner (with Claustrophobia)
  • 2010: This Empty Coil (with Vardan)


  • 2007: Journey of a Misanthrope

Live Shows[edit]

In May 2007 Sunn O))) did a Pacific Rim tour with a guest lineup consisting of Oren Ambarchi and Attila Csihar. However upon their arrival in Melbourne, Australia they joined with Sin Nanna for an improvisational performance. The makeshift group took up the name Pentemple and released one live album titled "0))) Presents...".[1]

In January 2014 Striborg played live in the MONA FOMA music festival playing a new song titled "Purifying the River of Tears".[2]

In June 2014 Sin Nanna performed live as Veil of Darkness for the first time supporting Sunn O))) as part of the Dark MOFO festival.[3] He also played an unannounced set as Striborg on the final night of the festival.


Until 2010, contact with Sin Nanna has been limited to online interviews on various blogs and fanzine sites conducted via email. Despite Sin Nanna's very anti social and misanthropic view of society, he agreed to take part in the 2010 Vice documentary One Man Metal, in which he further proved his eccentric lifestyle.

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