Student Association at UWM

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Student Association at UWM
Student Association at UWM.png
Logo of the Student Association at UWM
Type Student Governance Body
President of the Student Association
Mike Sportiello
Vice President of Student Affairs
Trevor Jung
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Emily Kuester
Chairperson of the SA Oversight and Appeals Commission
Roshi Lawrence
Formerly called
Commonwealth Executive Board, Wisconsin Student Government, University Student Government

The Student Association (SA) is the official university recognized governance body for the students of the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. The SA is organized in accordance with Wis. Stats. § 36.09(5)[1] to advocate on students' behalf; coordinate policy regarding student life, services, and interests at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee; and allocate a portion of Segregated University Fees to enrich campus life. (SA Const. Article XII).[2]


"The mission of the Student Association is to enrich the student experience at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee through representation, advocacy, and the funding of services and activities that improve student life." (SA Const. Preamble).[3]


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