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Superstar K
Season 2
Broadcast fromJuly 23 (2010-07-23) –
October 22, 2010 (2010-10-22)
Host(s)Kim Sung-joo
Ahn Hye-Kyung
Finals venueKyung Hee University Grand Peace Hall
Huh Gak
Song"Love Rain"
John Park

Superstar K2 is a South Korean television show on Mnet. Superstar K2 is season two of the Superstar competition series in which singers audition to get on the show. Each week, the singers perform a song and are eliminated based on the three judges' perception and audience voting. The winner of Superstar K2 received 200 million won ($172,282 USD) and a Samsung QM5 car.

This program began on July 23, 2010 and ended October 22, 2010 with the announcement of Huh Gak as the winner and Korean-American John Park as the runner-up.


The auditions took place in 8 cities across South Korea (Daejeon, Incheon, Daegu, Gwangju, Chuncheon, Jeju Island, Busan, Seoul) and Los Angeles. There were about 1 million and 350 thousand people that participated in this show and 151 were chosen. The 151 contestants were to participate in a 3-day competition called Superweek. The competition consists of 3 missions; The Sing-Off, the Group Mission and the Rival Mission (the interview round if necessary).

The Sing-off consists of 16 people per zone. There, 4 people are chosen and choose some contestants for the Wild Card round. At the end, 50 people are selected for the next mission.

The Group Mission consists of 5 members per group. All groups have a leader and each get to choose which member they wish to have in their group. Each group is given an overnight practice for the songs they have chosen and perform for the judges the next day. There, the judges decide on which members to proceed to the next mission. The number of people for the next mission vary from 20-24.

In this year's show, the judges decided to have an emergency wild card round to let some of the good singers who failed into the next round. They chose Kang Seung-yoon (17), Kim Greem (24), Kim He Min (24), Kim Yon-jin (25), Moon Son Young (26), Woo Eun-mi (19), John Park (23) and Hyun Seung-hee (15) to get on cars. In the end, John Park, Hyun Seung-hee, Kang Seung-yoon and Kim Greem successfully passed the round and joined the rest of the Top 24. The other four were taken to Seoul Station.

The Rival Mission consists of two rivals per pair. The pairs are organised by two people having the similar vocal skills. Like the group mission, the rivals are given an overnight practice and perform the next day. There is only one winner per pair and there are no cases of both members going through.

However this year, the Rival Mission took a shocking turn and became messed up as some pairs had both members eliminated due to their lacking effort. Only 7 members were chosen (Kim Ji-soo (21), Park Bo-ram (17), Kang Seung-yoon (17), Kim Greem (24), Lee Bo-ram (19), Kim Eun-bi (18) and John Park (23). The judges once again held a wild card round and selected Andrew Nelson (15), Hyun Seung-hee (15), Jang Jae-in (20), Kim So-jung (22), Huh Gak (26) and Kim Bo-kyung (21).

With 13 people, the judges held an interview round where the contestants are interviewed through various questions and decide whether to eliminate the contestant or let them proceed into the Top 10. In the end, Kim Bo-kyung and Hyun Seung-hee were eliminated.

During Top 11, contestants participated in many missions throughout live shows and get special awards. The total scores of the contestants add up by

  • 10%-Internet votes
  • 30%-Judges scores
  • 60%-Mobile text votes

If somehow the performer got the highest total score, they will be automatically Super Saved and proceed to the next round.

Huh Gak won the show against John Park 988:596 and won 200 million won and a QM5.

Top 11[edit]

Name Place Age
Huh Gak (허각) Winner 26
John Park (존 박) Runner-up 23
Jang Jae-in (장재인) Top3 20
Kang Seung-yoon (강승윤) Top4 17
Kim Ji-soo (김지수) Top6 21
Kim Eun-bi (김은비) Top6 18
Park Bo-ram (박보람) Top8 17
Andrew Nelson Top8 15
Kim Greem (김그림) Top11 24
Kim So-jung (김소정) Top11 22
Lee Bo-ram (이보람) Top11 19

Group Mission (Top 50)[edit]

No.1- Gummy: Kid

Name Age Results
Choi Hyung-hyol 22 Eliminated
Noh Seung-min 28 Eliminated
Andrew Nelson 15 Pass
Baek Ye-seul 22 Eliminated
Joo Eun-ji 17 Pass

No.2- Park Bom: You and I

Name Age Results
Han Kyung-soo 25 Eliminated
Kim Ji-soo 21 Pass
Lee Bo-ram 19 Pass
Sun Ji-hye 23 Pass
Kim Soon-nyun 27 Eliminated

No.3- Wonder Girls: 2 Different Tears

Name Age Results
Kim Yon-woo 18 Eliminated
Jang Jae-in 20 Pass
Kim Yon-jin 25 Eliminated
Park Myung-hyun 22 Eliminated
Hong Nam-hwa 23 Pass

No.4- Park Mi Kyung: Meaningless Reason

Name Age Results
Moon Sun-young 26 Eliminated
Kim Bo-kyung 21 Pass
No Dae-young 23 Pass
Choi Joon-hyuk 19 Pass
Lee Young-suk 26 Eliminated

No.5- JYP: Honey

Name Age Results
Sean Lee 23 Pass
Woo Eun-mi 19 Eliminated
Seo Hyo-song 18 Eliminated
Kim So-jung 22 Pass
Park Dong-soo 25 Eliminated

No.6- Brown Eyes: Already a Year

Name Age Results
Lee Young-min 25 Eliminated
Jeon Hye-young 22 Eliminated
Kang Hwa-ran 7 Eliminated
Lee Bo-kyung 20 Pass
Kang In-soo 23 Pass

No.7- Kim Tae Woo: Love Rain

Name Age Results
Hwang Hye-in 21 Fail
Myoung Hye-jin 22 Fail
Kim Hye-min 24 Fail
Lee Je-yoon 20 Fail
Um Ji-hwan 22 Fail

No.8- 2AM: Can't let you go, even if i die

Name Age Results
Huh Gak 26 Pass
John Park 23 Eliminated
Hyun Seung-hee 15 Eliminated
Kim Geu-rim 24 Eliminated
Kim Song-beob 21 Pass

No.9- Davichi: 8282

Name Age Results
Hyun Ji-hye 20 Pass
Maeng Jung-eun 17 Eliminated
Kang Seung-yoon 17 Eliminated
Yoon Ho-young 20 Pass
Lee Jung-young 21 Fail

No.10- CNBLUE: Love

Name Age Results
Gu Su-kyong 21 Eliminated
Kim Eun-bi 18 Pass
Park Bo-ram 17 Pass
Seo Hyon-woo 25 Eliminated
Kang Jin-sol 18 Eliminated

Last Consolation

Name Age Results
Kang Seung-yoon 17 Pass
Kim Geu-rim 24 Pass
Kim Hye-min 24 Eliminated
Kim Yon-jin 25 Eliminated
Moon Sun-young 26 Eliminated
Woo Eun-mi 19 Eliminated
Hyun Seung-hee 15 Pass
John Park 23 Pass

Rival Mission (Top 24)[edit]

No. Names Category Winner
1 Jang Jae-in & Kim Ji-soo Guitar Artist Kim Ji-soo
2 Kang In-soo & Ju Eun-ji Performance Singers N/A
3 Lee Bo-kyoung & Sun Ji-hye Ballad Vocal N/A
4 Sean Lee & Yoon Ho-young Rap & RnB N/A
5 Hyun Seung-hee & Park Bo-ram Low-Teen Vocal Park Bo-ram
6 Kang Seung-yoon & No Dae-young Male Guitarists Kang Seung-yoon
7 Kim Bo-kyung & Kim Geu-rim Female Guitarists Kim Geu-rim
8 Hyun Ji-hye & Hong Nam-hwa Power Vocal N/A
9 Kim Seo Jung & Lee Bo-ram Dance Vocal Lee Bo-ram
10 Kim Song-bob & Choi Joon-hyuk Sensitive Vocal N/A
11 Kim Eun-bi & Andrew Nelson High-Teen Vocal Kim Eun-bi
12 John Park & Huh Gak Soul Vocal John Park
  • Names in bold mean that they were selected from the Wild Card Round or that they won the round
  • Note that Kim Bo-kyung and Hyun Seung-hee were eliminated in the interviews

Live shows[edit]

  • Bold=Super Save/Win
  • Italics=Eliminated
  • Normal=Safe

Episode 9[edit]

Weekly Mission: Visual/Health/Vocal Mission

Winner: Male Team (John Park, Kim Ji-su, Andrew Nelson, Kang Seung-yoon, Huh Gak)

Reward: Shopping Spree

Performance- Remake hits (1960–2010)

Order Name Song By Judges Score Results
1. Andrew Nelson I Love You Han Dong Joon, 1993 254 Safe
2. Kim Geu-rim Boarder Choi Hwi Joon, 1968 253 Eliminated
3. Lee Bo-ram Timeless SG Wannabe, 2004 245 Eliminated
4. Park Bo-ram As Time Goes by Choi Ho Sob, 1988 280 Safe
5. Kang Seung-yoon You're My Girl Lee Seung Gi, 2004 237 Safe
6. Kim So-jung Stop the Wind Lee Ji-yon, 1989 263 Eliminated
7. Huh Gak The Happy Me Echo, 1997 278 Safe
8. John Park 10 Minutes Lee Hyo Ri, 2003 255 Safe
9. Kim Eun-bi All I know is Love Shim Su Boong, 1979 275 Safe
10. Kim Ji-su The Yellow-necked Chappy Han Myong Sook, 1961 284 Safe
11. Jang Jae-in With You Nam Jin, 1979 288 Super Save

Episode 10[edit]

Weekly Mission: Musical

Winner: Andrew Nelson

Reward: House Captain,Performance Order

Performance: Lee Moon Sae Special

Order Name Song Date Judges Score Result
1. Kang Seung-yoon Her Laughing Sounds 1987 217 Safe
2. Park Bo-ram Farewell Story 1987 258 Eliminated
3. Andrew Nelson The Cult of Solo 1998 217 Eliminated
4. Kim Ji-su If Love Goes By 1987 261 Safe
5. Huh Gak Early Morning Discount 1996 286 Super Save
6. Kim Eun-bi Unknown Life 2006 246 Safe
7. Jang Jae-in Standing Under A Roadside Tree 1988 270 Safe
8. John Park In the Rain 1985 274 Safe

Episode 11[edit]

Weekly Mission: Composing Mission

Winner: Kang Seung-yoon, Jang Jae-in, Huh Gak

Reward: Call to love one, Free Time

Performance: Michael Jackson Special

Order Name Song Date Judges Score Result
1. Kim Eun-bi Heal the World 1991 255 Eliminated
2. Kang Seung-yoon Black or White 1991 265 Safe
3. Kim Ji-su Ben 1972 274 Eliminated
4. Jang Jae-in The Way you Make me Feel 1987 274 Safe
5. Huh Gak I'll Be There 1970 282 Safe
6. John Park Man In The Mirror 1987 289 Super Save

Episode 12[edit]

Weekly Mission: Worldstar Performance Mission

Winner: Huh Gak

Reward: Headphones, Performance Order

Performance: Judges Hit Remake

Order Name Song By Judges Score Result
1. Jang Jae-in Invitation Uhm Jung-hwa, 1998 279 Safe
2. Huh Gak Don't Say Goodbye Lee Seung-chul, 1989 274 Safe
3. John Park Nights Where I Can't Sleep Lee Seung-chul, 1989 283 Highest
4. Kang Seung-yoon By Instinct Yoon Jong-shin, 2010 281 Eliminated

Episode 13[edit]

Weekly Mission: Candid Camera Mission

Winner: Huh Gak

Reward: Digital Camera, Performance Order

Performance: Audiences' Song Choice

Order Name Song By Judges Score Result
1. Huh Gak Running Through The Skies 2 Juk (Lee Juk), 2003 287 Highest
2. John Park Your House JYP, 2007 278 Safe
3. Jang Jae-in Lemon Tree Park Hye-kyoung, 2008 285 Eliminated

Episode 14[edit]

Weekly Mission: Commercial Mission

Winner: John Park

Reward: 100 boxes of Coca-Cola, 3D Laptop, Performance Order

Performance: Free Performance & Title Song Performance

Order Name Song By Judges Score Song Judges Score Result
1. John Park Drunken Truth Exhibition, 1996 280 Always (J.Version) 284 Runner Up
2. Huh Gak Love Rain Kim Tae Woo, 2009 284 Always (H.Version) 293 Winner


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