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Gravity Kills Superstaved cover.tif
Studio album by Gravity Kills
Released United States March 19, 2002
England April 15, 2002
Japan April 10, 2002
Recorded June 1999 - October 16, 2001 at The Mattress Factory and ASI Chicago, Mr. Blood, St Louis
Genre Alternative Rock
Industrial Rock
Length USA 46:20
UK 46:38
Label USA Sanctuary Records
UK Mayan / Sanctuary Records
Japan Victor Entertainment
Producer Martin Atkins, Gravity Kills
Gravity Kills chronology
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Singles from Perversion
  1. "One Thing"
    Released: 2002
  2. "Love, Sex, and Money"
    Released: 2002
  3. "Personal Jesus"
    Released: 2003
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]
Sputnikmusic 3/5 stars[2]

Superstarved (stylized as superstarved★ or superstarved*) is the third studio album by Gravity Kills, released March 19, 2002. The album is described as "more riff-oriented" and "grindier".


The band signed into a major record label Sanctuary Records at New York in March 2000 before the release. According to guitarist Matt Dudenhoeffer, approximately 30 songs were written for the album, which 12 were about likely make it to the finished album. Eclipse, Shake, Photograph, Monsters & Astronauts, Naked, and Hollow were going to be in the album,[3] but weren't actually included. Jason Slater was going to be producing the album but later didn't, and the band originally recorded the cover version of Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus in 1999, then released it in 2002.

Song Information[edit]

Love, Sex, and Money[edit]

Last written song[edit]

Love, Sex, and Money was the last song written for the album. Then everyone in the studio left for the weekend and when they came back.

Music video[edit]

The video for the song was shot Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago with live footages of band performing in the Superstarved Tour and was directed by Mikki & Malory.

Forget Your Name[edit]

Jeff Scheel says that the song was his first experiment from switching from Digital Performer to Logic Audio. It was described by a reviewer as "a angst ridden 'love song' in the loosest sense." .[4]

Beg and Borrow[edit]

This is the most emotional song on the album, Jeff Scheel describes it as lonely, emotional and desperate.

Piano cover[edit]

On August 18, 2011, Jeff uploaded his piano cover of the 'Beg and Borrow' on SoundCloud and it is a free download,[5] this is the first time in nine years since he had created a studio song and a studio cover.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Love, Sex, and Money" 3:40
2. "Take It All Away" 3:49
3. "Fifteen Minutes" 2:47
4. "Forget Your Name" 3:56
5. "Enemy" 3:42
6. "Breakdown" 3:27
7. "Beg and Borrow" 4:21
8. "One Thing" 3:51
9. "Personal Jesus" 3:14
10. "Wide Awake" 4:07
11. "Suffocate" 3:59
12. "Superstarved" 3:27
13. "LS&M Reprise" 2:10

Star Design and album's name[edit]

The star has a connection with the album's name 'superstarved' which designer Craig Wagner created for Gravity Kills's album. The word superstarved is the meaning of starvation which usually refers to the health condition of extreme malnutrition. They got the name 'Superstarved' from a comment on what the band went through changing record labels in between the 2nd and 3rd album.


Gravity Kills
Additional musicians
  • Julian Beeston - Programming
  • Matt Dudenhoeffer - Backing vocals on Fifteen Minutes
  • Richard Fortus - Guitars on Wide Awake and One Thing
  • Charles Levi - Bass on Superstarved (song)
  • Derek Geisser - Guitar on Enemy
  • Bob Dog Caitlin - Sitar on Take It All Away
  • Produced by Martin Atkins and Gravity Kills [6]
  • Engineered by Julian Beeston
  • Mixed by Julian Beeston and Martin Atkins except One Thing (Chris Greene and Martin Atkins) at ASI Chicago
  • Written by Gravity Kills except Personal Jesus (Martin L. Gore) and Wide Awake (Gravity Kills and Richard Fortus)
  • Photos by Steve Truesdell
  • Gravity Kills logo and star designed by Craig Wagner
  • Artwork and design by John Bergin


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