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A support can refer to a variety of structures in architecture that includes arches, beams, columns, balconies, and stretchers.

Varieties of support[1]
Name Schematic diagram Simple figure Restriction Reaction
Vertical Horizontal Rotation (Moment) Direction Number
Movable support
Movable support (real).svg
Movable support 1.svg
× ×
Movable support reaction.svg
Movable support 2.svg
Hinged support
Hinged support (real).svg
Hinged support.svg
Hinged support reaction.svg
Fixed support
Fixed support (real).svg
Fixed support.svg
Fixed support reaction.svg
Middle hinge (for axial member)
Middle hinge axial (real).svg
Middle hinge.svg
Middle hinge (for beam member)
Middle hinge beam (real).svg


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