Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey

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Supreme Electoral Council
Yüksek Seçim Kurulu
Yüksek Seçim Kurulu.png
Established 16 February 1950 (1950-02-16)[1]
Country Turkey
Location Ankara
Composition method Legislative selection
Authorized by Constitution of Turkey
Decisions are appealed to Impossible after single term of objection to council itself within 48 hours of decision (election results)
Impossible (all other decisions)
Judge term length 6 years (renewable)[2]
No. of positions 7 regular, 4 substitute[2]
Annual budget 146,808,000 TL (2016)[3]
Currently Sadi Güven
Since 24 January 2013
(5 years ago)
Currently Erhan Çiftçi
Since 8 September 2016
(17 months ago)

The Supreme Electoral Council (Turkish: Yüksek Seçim Kurulu, YSK) is the highest electoral authority in Turkey. It was established by the Deputies Election Law no. 5545 on 16 February 1950.[1] After the 1960 coup, the Supreme Electoral Council gained constitutional authority by the Constitution of 1961. Its duty is to ensure that the principles and rules of the constitution are upheld.

The Supreme Electoral Council consists of a president, six members and four substitute members from the Court of Cassation and the Council of State judges.


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