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Surjeet Kalsey[1] (born in Amritsar, Punjab, India)[2] is a Canadian poet, dramatist, short story writer and translator who lives in British Columbia and writes in both Punjabi and English.

After receiving a Master's Degree in English and Punjabi Literature from Punjab University, Chandigarh, she worked as the Punjabi Regional News Anchor for All India Radio more than five years. Kalsey earned a Master's in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and worked as a freelance writer, interpreter, and translator for several years. She earned a fourth master's degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of British Columbia, after which she has worked as a family therapist and bi-lingual instructor at the Vancouver Community College teaches Court & Health Interpreting Certification Program. She has published a dozen books.


  • Paunan Nal Guftagoo - Punjabi Poetry - 1979
  • Speaking to the Winds - Poetry English - 1982
  • Foot Prints of Silence - Poetry English - 1988
  • Saffron Leaves: an anthology of Canadian Punjabi Literature - 1992
  • Glimpses of Twentieth Century Punjabi Poetry in English Translation - 1992
  • Distant Women - Short Fiction - 1994
  • Sat Parayian - Collection of Short Stories - 1994
  • Behind the Palace Doors - Drama 1999
  • Woman Words and Strength - Punjabi Poetry - 2000
  • Aurat Shabad Te Shakti - Punjabi Poetry - 2000
  • Daughters Behind the Palace Doors - Drama - 2000
  • Mahlin Wasdiyan Dhian - Collection of One-Act Plays - 2000
  • Prof. Mohan Singh (Punjabi poet) & Faiz Ahmed Faiz (Urdu Poet)- Identical and comparative Study - 2003
  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz - Kav Sagar -Ed. Urdu Poetry in Gurmukhi Script, Tarlochan Publications - 2003
  • Rom Rom Vich Jagdey Deevay - Punjabi Poetry, Lokgeet Publications - 2005
  • Akas Barmala, Urdu poetry of Zahid Laeeq in Gurmukhi script by Ed. Surjeet Kalsey, 2006.
  • Naam Tiharey - Punjabi Poetry, Akhar Publications - 2006
  • Aurat Ton Aurat Tak - Surjeet Kalsey's Literary Journey - Ed. by Dr.Sharnajit Kaur, Tarlochan Publications - 2007
  • Katha Teri Meri, Short Stories, Tarlochan Publications, 2008
  • "Colours of My Heart" English poems, Tarlochan Publications,2011
  • "Rung Mandal" poems in Punjabi, Tarlochan Publishers, Chandigarh 2013



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