Sydney Australia Temple

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Sydney Australia Temple
Carlingford ldstemple.jpg
Number 28 edit data
Dedication 20 September 1984 (20 September 1984) by
Gordon B. Hinckley
Site 3 acres (1.2 hectares)
Floor area 30,677 sq ft (2,850 m2)
Preceded by Boise Idaho Temple
Followed by Manila Philippines Temple
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Coordinates: 33°46′32.22119″S 151°3′2.131199″E / 33.7756169972°S 151.05059199972°E / -33.7756169972; 151.05059199972

The Sydney Australia Temple is the 30th constructed and 28th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

Construction and dedication[edit]

Located in Carlingford, a suburb in Baulkham Hills Shire north of Sydney, Australia, this was the last of the temples built with the small single spire design. The Apia Samoa, Nuku alofa Tonga, and the Santiago Chile temples all have the same basic design.

The Sydney Australia Temple was announced on 2 April 1980, and dedicated on 20 September 1984 by Gordon B. Hinckley. The temple was built on a 3-acre (1.2 ha) plot, has 2 ordinance rooms and 3 sealing rooms, and has a total floor area of 30,677 square feet (2,850.0 m2). Due to a ruling by the local government, the temple was dedicated without a statue of the angel Moroni. The ruling was overturned about a year later, and the statue was hoisted into place atop the spire the next day, 3 September 1985.[1]

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