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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) operates more than 400 missions throughout the world. Most current missions are named after the location of the mission headquarters, usually a specific city. The geographical area a mission actually covers is often much larger than the name may indicate; most areas of the world are within the jurisdiction of a mission of the church. In the list below, if the name of the mission does not include a specific city, the city where the mission headquarters is located is included in parentheses.

As of July 2020, there were 407 missions in the church.[1]

Mission names[2][edit]


(39 missions)


(20 missions)


(36 Missions)


(6 missions)

Central America and the Caribbean[edit]

(27 missions)

Europe and Russia[edit]

(35 missions)


(32 missions)


(18 missions)


(23 Missions)

South America[edit]

(61 missions)

United States[edit]

(109 missions)

Mission by year of formation (to 1974)[edit]

Mission Year organized 1st President Year disorganized Mission organized from Current name, year adopted is 1974 unless otherwise noted Other names and notes
British Mission 1837 Heber C. Kimball extant England London Mission England East Mission (1970-1974)
Eastern States Mission 1839 John P. Greene 1850
Society Islands Mission 1844 Noah Rogers 1852 Addison Pratt was a major figure in this mission
Welsh Mission 1845 Dan Jones 1854 organized from British Mission
California Mission 1846 Samuel Brannan 1858
Scandinavian Mission 1850 Erastus Snow 1920 Split into the Danish Mission and the Norwegian Mission
French Mission 1850 John Taylor 1864 Also included the Channel Islands
Italian Mission 1850 Lorenzo Snow 1854 mostly focused on the Waldensians in Northern Italy
Swiss Mission 1850 Thomas B. H. Stenhouse 2010 1854-1861 Swiss and Italian Mission; 1861-1868 Swiss, Italian and German Mission; 1868-1898 Swiss and German Mission; 1898-1904 Swiss Mission; 1904-1938 Swiss-German Mission; 1938 Swiss Austrian Mission; 1938-1946 Swiss Mission; 1946-1960 Swiss Austrian Mission; 1960-1970 Swiss Mission; 1970-1974 Switzerland Mission; 1974-2010 Switzerland Zurich Mission
Sandwich Islands Mission 1850 Hiram Clark 1858 The mission probably would have failed if it had not been for George Q. Cannon's successful teaching of Native Hawaiians, Clark had mainly only focused on European and Euro-American sailors and settlers. Among Cannon's converts was Jonathan Napela who was key to translating the Book of Mormon into the Hawaiian language.
Australian 1851 John Murdock extant Australia Sydney South (2013) 1854-1898 Australasian Mission, during this time it also covered New Zealand; 1898-1970 Australian Mission; 1970-1974 Australia East Mission; 1974-1993 Australia Sydney Mission; 1993-2010 Australia Sydney South Mission; 2010-2013 Australia Sydney Mission
East Indian Mission 1851 Lorenzo Snow 1856 Snow never made it to India. Richard Ballantyne functioned more as head of mission on the ground. This mission focused primarily on British and half-British populations. Its failure was largely due to lacking the working class population that in Britain had been the main source of converts to the LDS Church.
Malta Mission 1852 Lorenzo Snow 1856 This mission also oversaw Church members deployed with British forces in the Crimean War.
German Mission 1852 Daniel P. Garn 1861 Merged into the Swiss Mission
Gibraltar Mission 1853 Edward Stevenson 1854
South African Mission 1853 Jesse Haven 1865
Eastern States Mission 1854 John Taylor 1858
Siam Mission 1854 Elam Luddington 1854
European (Administrative) 1854 Franklin D. Richards 1950 Up until 1930 the president of this mission was normally also president of the British Mission. Most of the mission presidents were members of the quorum of the 12 apostles.
Indian Territory Mission 1854 Henry W. Miller 1860
Sandwich Islands Mission 1864 Joseph F. Smith extant Hawaii Honolulu Mission Hawaiian Mission (1900-1950); Hawaii Mission (1950-1974). Prior to World War II the mission focused primarily on the native Hawaiian population.
Netherlands 1864 Joseph Weiler 2002 organized from Swiss, Italian and German Mission 1891-1914 Netherlands-Belgium Mission; 1914-1974 Netherlands Mission; 1974-2002 Netherlands Amsterdam Mission
Eastern States Mission 1865 John Taylor 1869
Southern States Mission 1876 Henry G. Boyle extant Atlanta Georgia Mission 1971-1974 Georgia - South Carolina Mission
Indian Territory Mission 1877 Matthew W. Dalton 1877
Northwestern States Mission 1879 Cyrus H. Wheelock extant Illinois Chicago Mission (1983) 1889-1973 Northern States Mission; 1973-1974 Illinois Mission; 1974-1980 Illinois Chicago Mission; 1980-1983 Illinois Chicago North Mission
Mexican Mission 1879 Moses Thatcher 1889
Indian Territory Mission 1883 George Teasdale extant Missouri Independence Mission 1898-1904 Southwestern State Mission: 1904-1970 Central State Mission; 1970-1974 Kansas-Missouri Mission
East Indian Mission 1884 William Willis 1885
Turkish Mission 1884 Jacob Spori 1909 Most of the converts in this mission were ethnic Armenians.
Samoan Mission 1888 Joseph H. Dean extant Samoa Apia Mission Samoa Mission 1970-1974
Society Islands Mission 1892 Joseph W. Damron extant Tahiti Papeete Mission Tahitian Mission 1907-1959; French-Polynesian Mission 1959-1970; French-Polynesia Mission 1970-1974
California Mission 1892 John L. Dalton extant California Los Angeles Headquarters was in San Francisco until the 1906 earthquake when it was relocated to Los Angeles
Eastern States Mission 1893 Job Pingree extant Organized from Northern States Mission New York New York Mission (2018) New York New York Mission 1974-1993; New York New York North Mission 1993-2018
Montana Mission 1896 Phineas Tempest 1898 Merged into Northwestern States Mission
Colorado Mission 1896 John W. Taylor extant Colorado Denver South Mission Western States Mission 1907-1970; Colorado-New Mexico Mission 1970-1972; Colorado Mission 1972-1974; Colorado Denver Mission 1974-1993
Northwestern States Mission 1897 George C. Parkinson extant Oregon Portland Mission Oregon Mission 1970-1974
German Mission 1898 Peter Loutensock 1904 Organized from Swiss and German Mission Consolidated to Swiss-German Mission
New Zealand Mission 1898 Ezra F. Richards extant Organized from the Australasian Mission New Zealand Auckland Mission New Zealand North 1970-1974
Mexican 1901 Ammon M. Tenney extant Mexico Mexico City South (1978) Mexico 1970-1974; Mexico Mexico City 1974-1978; from 1912-1936 it was headquartered in El Paso, Texas, and included missionaries serving in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California in the Spanish language
Japan Mission 1901 Heber J. Grant 1924 The discontinuance of this mission was partly a result of anti-American feeling in Japan due to U.S. policies against Japanese immigration
Middle States Mission 1902 Ben E. Rich 1903 Organized from Southern States Mission Consolidated to Southern States Mission
South African Mission 1903 Warren H. Lyon extant South Africa Johannesburg Mission South Africa Mission 1970-1974
Swedish Mission 1905 Peter Matson extant Organized from Scandinavian Mission Sweden Stockholm Mission Sweden Mission 1970-1974
French Mission 1912 Edgar B. Brossard 1914
Tongan Mission 1916 Willard L. Smith extant Organized from Samoan Mission Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission Tonga Mission 1970-1974
Canadian Mission 1919 Nephi Jensen extant Organized from Eastern States Mission and Northern States Mission Canada Toronto Mission (2011) Ontario-Quebec Mission 1970-1972; Ontario Mission 1972-1974; Canada Toronto Mission 1974-1993; Canada Toronto West Mission 1993-2011
Danish Mission 1920 Carl E. Peterson extant Organized from Scandinavian mission Denmark Copenhagen Mission Denmark Mission 1970-1974
Norwegian Mission 1920 Andrew S. Schow extant Organized from Scandinavian Mission Norway Oslo Mission Norway Mission 1970-1974
Turkish Mission 1921 Wilford Booth 1939 Armenian Mission 1924-1933; Palestine-Syrian Mission 1933-1939
French Mission 1923 Russell H. Blood extant Organized from Swiss-German Mission France Paris Mission France Mission 1970-1974
North Central States Mission 1925 John G. Allred extant Organized from Northern States Mission, Western States Mission, Northwestern States Mission and Canadian Mission Minnesota Minneapolis Mission Manitoba-Minnesota Mission 1970-1973; Minnesota-Wisconsin Mission 1973-1974
German-Austrian Mission 1925 Fred Tadje 1938 Organized from Swiss-German Mission Split into the East German Mission and the West German Mission
South American Mission 1925 Melvin J. Ballard 1935 Based in Buenos Aires, mainly concentrated on German immigrant population in Brazil and Argentina, split into missions in Brazil and Argentina
East Central State Mission 1928 Miles L. Jones extant Organized from the Southern States Mission and the Eastern States Mission Kentucky Louisville Mission Kentucky-Tennessee Mission 1970-1974
Czechoslovak Mission 1929 Arthur Gaeth 1950
Texas Mission 1931 Charles Elliott Rowan Jr. extant Organized from the Central States Mission Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission (1975) Texas-Louisiana Mission 1945-1955; Gulf States Mission 1955-1974; Louisiana Shreveport Mission 1974-1975
Brazilian Mission 1935 Rulon S. Howells 1972 Organized from South American Mission Brazil Central Mission 1972-1974; Split into the Brazil South Central and Brazil North Central missions, all these missions were based in São Paulo. The mission primarily taught in German until 1939 when teaching was entirely shifted to Portuguese.
Argentine Mission 1935 W. Ernest Young extant Organized from South American Mission Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission Argentina South Mission 1970-1974
Spanish-American Mission 1936 Orlando C. Williams 1967 Organized from Mexican Mission This mission was organized from the part of the Mexican Mission in the United States, when it was discontinued its operations were merged with the geographical missions in Texas, California and Colorado/New Mexico, making it so the mission now covered all LDS missionary work in a given geographical area
Japanese Mission 1936 Hilton A. Robertson 1950 Organized from Hawaiian Mission Central Pacific Mission 1944-1950; This mission was organized to teach Japanese people in Hawaii, when it was merged with the Hawaiian Mission in 1950 there was a decision to aim at teaching all residents of the islands without regard to race or ethnicity, the Hawaiian Mission had till then primarily concentrated on teaching ethnic Hawaiian people.
New England Mission 1937 Carl F. Eyring extant Organized from Eastern States Mission and Canadian Mission Massachusetts Boston Mission
West German Mission 1938 Philemon M. Kelly extant Organized from German-Austrian Mission Germany Frankfurt Mission Germany West Mission 1970-1974
East German Mission 1938 Alfred C. Rees 2010 Organized from German-Austrian Mission North German Mission 1957-1970; Germany North Mission 1970-1974; Germany Hamburg Mission 1974-2010
Western Canadian Mission 1941 Walter Miller extant Organized from North Central States Mission and Northwestern States Mission Canada Calgary Mission Alberta-Saskatchewan Mission 1970-1974
Northern California Mission 1942 German E. Ellsworth extant Organized from California Mission California Sacramento Mission California North Mission 1966-1974
Navajo-Zuni Mission 1943 Ralph W. Evans 1984 Southwest Indian Mission 1949-1972; New Mexico-Arizona Mission 1972-1974; Arizona Holbrooke Mission 1974-1984, merged into Arizona Phoenix Mission
Pacific Mission 1946 Matthew Cowley 1948 This was an administrative mission overseeing missions in Tonga, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand and Australia
Uruguay Mission 1947 Frederick S. Williams extant organized from Argentine Mission Uruguay Montevideo Mission Uruguay-Paraguay Mission 1970-1974
Finnish Mission 1947 Henry A. Matis extant Organized from Swedish Mission Finland Helsinki Mission Finland Mission 1970-1974
Central Atlantic States Mission 1947 James Robert Price extant organized from East Central States Mission Virginia Richmond Mission (1992) North Carolina-Virginia Mission 1970-1973; Virginia Mission 1973-1974; Virginia Roanoke Mission 1974-1992
Palestine-Syria Mission 1947 Badwagan Piranian 1951 Near Eastern Mission 1950-1951; most heavy missionary work was in Lebanon
Japanese Mission 1948 Edward L. Clissold 1955 Split into the Northern Far East Mission and the Southern Far East Mission, the mission had by 1955 operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea as well as Japan.
Chinese 1949 Hilton A. Robertson 1953 This mission covered both Hong Kong and Taiwan
Great Lakes 1949 Carl C. Burton extant Organized from Northern States Mission Indiana Indianapolis Mission Indiana-Michigan Mission 1970-1973; Indiana Mission 1973-1974; it was headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana when the Indiana-Michigan Mission
West Central States Mission 1950 Sylvester Broadbent extant Organized from North Central States Mission, Northwestern States Mission and Western States Mission Montana Billings Mission Montana-Wyoming Mission 1970-1974
Central American Mission 1952 Gordon M. Romney extant Organized from Mexican Mission San Jose Costa Rica Mission Central America Mission 1970-1974
South Australian Mission 1955 Thomas S. Bingham extant Organized from Australian Mission Australia Melbourne Mission Southern Australian Mission 1958-1968; Australia South Mission 1968-1974
Northern Far East Mission 1955 Hilton A. Robertson 1968 Organized from Japanese Mission This mission originally covered Japan, South Korea and Okinawa, the South Korea part was soon made a separate mission, it was split in 1968 into the Japan and Okinawa missions
Southern Far East Mission 1955 H. Grant Heaton extant Organized from Japanese Mission China Hong Kong (1997) Hong Kong Taiwan 1969-1971; Hong Kong 1971-1997; This mission initially also covered the Philippines, and South Vietnam, in several areas of the mission most members were U.S. servicemen and missionary work was often primarily also among U.S. military personnel
Northern Mexican Mission 1956 Joseph T. Bentley extant organized from Mexican Mission Mexico Monterrey West Mission Mexico North Mission 1970-1974; Mexico Monterrey Mission 1974-1992
West Spanish-American Mission 1958 Leland M. Perry 1970 Organized from Spanish-American Mission This mission covered teaching in Spanish in California, Nevada and Arizona, in 1970 missions were realigned to cover all teaching within a given geography
New Zealand South Mission 1958 Alexander P. Anderson 1981 Organized from New Zealand Mission New Zealand Wellington Mission 1974-1981
Brazilian South Mission 1959 Asael T. Sorenson extant Organized from Brazilian Mission Brazil Porto Alegre South Mission (1991) Brazil South Mission 1970-1974; Brazil Porto Alegre Mission 1974-1991
South German Mission 1959 John A. Buehner extant Organized from West German Mission Alpine German Speaking Mission Germany South Mission 1970-1974; Germany Munich Mission 1974-2002; Muchich Germany/Austria Mission 2002-2010
Andes Mission 1959 J. Venon Sharp Organized from Uruguay Mission and Argentine Mission extant Peru Lima South (1977) Peru—Ecuador Mission 1970; Peru Mission 1970-1971; Peru Andes Mission 1971; Andes Peru Mission 1971-1974; Peru Lima Mission 1974-1977; The mission initially included Argentina and Bolivia as well. It also oversaw the initial beginning of missionary work in Colombia.
European Mission 1960 Alvin R. Dyer 1965 This was an administrative mission overseeing all the missions in Europe. It was based in Germany unlike the previous British mission that had operated from Britain.
North British Mission 1960 Bernard P. Brockbank extant Organized from British Mission England Leeds Mission England North Mission 1970-1974; this mission also initially included Scotland
Austrian Mission 1960 W. Whitney Smith 2002 Organized from Swiss Austrian Mission Austria Mission 1970-1974; Austria Vienna Mission 1974-2002
Eastern Atlantic State Mission 1960 George B. Hill extant Organized from Eastern States Mission Washington D. C. South Mission (1986) Delaware-Maryland Mission 1970-1974; Washington D. C. Mission 1974-1986; The mission primarily consists of the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., it does not include any of Washington D.C.
Florida Mission 1960 Karl R. Lyman 1983 Organized from Southern States Mission Florida South Mission 1971-1974; Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission 1960-1983; This mission covered all operations of the Church in the Caribbean at least until the early 1980s and still covered many of them when disestablished, among the missions it was split into in 1983 was the new West Indies Mission, also split to the Florida Tampa Mission
West Mexican Mission 1960 Harold E. Turley extant Organized from Northern Mexican Mission Mexico Hermosillo Mission Mexico West Mission 1970-1974
Rarotonga Mission 1960 Joseph R. Reeder 1966 Organized from Samoan Mission Consolidated into the New Zealand Mission, missionary work continues in the Cook Islands, but it is not deemed enough to justify a separate mission, partly because improved communications make it easier to supervise the mission from New Zealand than it was in the early 1960s
Alaska-Canadian Mission 1960 Milton L. Weilenmann extant Organized from Western Canadian Mission Vancouver British Columbia Mission Alaska-British Columbia Mission 1970-1974
French East Mission 1961 Henry D. Moyle Jr. 2011 Organized from French Mission France-Switzerland Mission 1970-1974; Switzerland Geneva Mission 1974-2011
Texas Mission 1961 Ralph J. Hill extant Organized from Gulf States Mission Texas Dallas Mission Texas North Mission 1970-1974
Scottish-Irish Mission 1961 Bernard P. Brockbank extant Organized from North British Mission Scotland/Ireland Mission (2010) Scottish Mission 1962-1970; Scotland Mission 1970-1974; Scotland Edinburgh Mission 1970-2010
Central British Mission 1961 James A. Cullimore 1983 Organized from British Mission England Central Mission 1970-1974; England Birmingham Mission 1974-1983
Central German Mission 1961 1983 Organized from West German Mission Germany Central Mission 1970-1974; Germany Düsseldorf Mission 1974-1983
West European Mission 1961 N. Eldon Tanner 1965 Organized from the European Mission This was an administrative mission overseeing multiple other missions. It was based in Germany.
Berlin Mission 1961 Percy K. Fetzer 1966 Organized from the North German Mission
South American Mission 1961 A. Theodore Tuttle 1965 This was an administrative mission overseeing other missions
Chilean Mission 1961 A. Delbert Palmer extant Organized from Andes Mission Chile Rancagua Mission (2004) Chile Mission (1970-1974); Chile Santiago Mission 1974-1977; Chile Santiago South Mission 1977-2004
Southwest British Mission 1962 A. Ray Curtis 2002 Organized from British Mission England Southwest Mission 1970-1974; England Bristol Mission 1974-2002
Bavarian Mission 1962 Owen Spencer Jacobs 1965 Organized from South German Mission
Irish Mission 1962 Stephen R. Covey 2010 Organized from Scottish-Irish Mission Ireland Mission 1970-1974; Ireland Belfast Mission 1974-1976; Ireland Dublin Mission 1976-2010
Korean Mission 1962 Gail Edward Carr extant Organized from Northern Far East Mission Korea Seoul Mission Korea Mission 1970-1974
Northeast British Mission 1962 Grant S. Thorn 1965 Organized from North British Mission
North Argentine Mission 1962 Ronald V. Stone extant Organized from Argentine Mission Argentina Cordoba Mission Argentina North Mission 1970-1974
North Scottish Mission 1962 William N. Waite 1965 Organized from Scottish Mission
Southeast Mexican Mission 1963 Carl J. Beecroft extant Organized from the Mexican Mission Mexico Veracruz Mission Mexico Southeast Mission 1970-1974
Franco-Belgian Mission 1963 Joseph T. Edmunds extant Organized from French Mission Belgium/Netherlands Mission (2010) France-Belgium Mission 1970-1974; Belgium Brussels Mission 1974-2002; Belgium Brussels/Netherlands 2002-2010
Cumorah Mission 1964 Lester N. Petersen extant Organized from Eastern States Mission New York Rochester Mission
Northern Indian Mission 1964 Grant Roper Farmer extant Organized from the Southwest Indian Mission North Dakota Bismarck Mission Dakota-Manitoba Mission 1973-1974; South Dakota Rapid City 1974-2014; The mission initially only supervised missionaries working specifically with Native Americans, it was later realigned to cover all missionary work within a geographical area
British South Mission 1964 Don K. Archer extant Organized from British Mission and Southwest British Mission England London South Mission England South Mission 1970-1974
Guatemala-El Salvador Mission 1965 Terrance L. Hansen Organized from Central American Mission Guatemala Guatemala City South Mission (1988) Guatemala Guatemala City Mission (1974-1988)
California South Mission 1966 D. Crawford Houston extant Organized from California Mission California Anaheim Mission
Italian Mission 1966 John Duns Jr. extant Organized from Swiss Mission Italy Rome Mission Italy Mission 1970-1971; Italy South Mission 1971-1974
Andes South Mission 1966 Franklin Kay Gibson extant Organized from Andes Mission Bolivia La Paz Mission Bolivia Mission 1969-1974
Philippine Mission 1967 Paul S. Rose extant Organized from Southern Far East Mission Philippines Manila Mission Philippines Mission 1970-1974
Ohio Mission 1967 E. Garrett Barlow extant Organized from Great Lakes Mission Ohio Columbus Mission Ohio-West Virginia Mission 1972-1974
Texas South Mission 1967 Dean L. Larsen extant Organized from Texas Mission and Spanish-American Mission Texas San Antonio Mission
Pacific Northwest Mission 1968 extant organized from Northwestern States Mission Washington Seattle Mission Washington Mission 1970-1974
Colombia-Venezuela Mission 1968 Stephen L. Brower extant organized from the Central American Mission and the Andes Mission Colombia Bogota North Mission (1992) Colombia Mission 1971-1974; Colombia Bogota Mission 1974-1992
Brazilian North Mission 1968 Hal Roscoe Johnson extant Organized from Brazilian Mission and Brazilian South Mission Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission Brazil North Mission (1970-1974)
Mexico North Central Mission 1968 Arturo R. Martinez extant organized from Northern Mexico Mission Mexico Torreon Mission
Australian West Mission 1968 Milton J. Hess extant Organized from Southern Australian Mission Australia Adelaide Mission Australia West Mission 1970-1974
Japan Mission 1968 Walter R. Bills extant Organized from Northern Far East Mission Japan Tokyo Mission (2007) Japan Tokyo Mission (1974-1978); Japan Tokyo North Mission (1978-2007)
Japan-Okinawa Mission 1968 Edward Y. Okazaki extant Organized from Northern Far East Mission Japan Kobe Mission Japan Central Mission (1970-1974)
Germany Dresden Mission 1969 J. Henry Burkhardt 1978 This mission did not have full-time missionaries, it existed to oversee operations of the Church in East Germany
California Central Mission 1969 Wilbur Wallace Cox extant Organized from California North Mission California Oakland/San Francisco Mission (2009) California Oakland Mission (1974-2009)
Arizona Mission 1969 Clark M. Wood extant Organized from California South Mission Arizona Tempe Mission
South Central States Mission 1969 Albert B. Crandall extant Organized from Central States Mission Arkansas Bentonville Mission Oklahoma Mission 1970-1974; Oklahoma Tulsa Mission 1974-2015; Mission headquarters moved from Tulsa to Bentonville in 2015.
Southeast Asia 1969 G. Carlos Smith 1978 Organized from Southern Far East Mission Singapore Mission 1974-1978; This mission covered Church operations in South Vietnam and Thailand as well as Singapore
Japan East Mission 1970 Russell N. Horiuchi extant Organized from Japan Mission Japan Sapporo Mission
Japan West Mission 1970 Kan Watanabe extant Organized from Japan-Okinawa Mission Japan Fukuoka Mission
Pennsylvania Mission 1970 George M. Baker 2009 Organized from Maryland-Delaware Mission Pennsylvania Harrisburg Mission 1974-2009
Spain Mission 1970 R. Raymond Barnes extant Organized from French Mission Spain Madrid mission
International Mission 1973 Bernard P. Brockbank 1989 Included all areas of the world not included in other organized missions

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