Symphony in Peril

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Symphony in Peril
Origin Columbus, Ohio, US
Genres Metalcore,[1][2] Christian metal,[1] thrash metal[2]
Years active 2002–2005
Labels Facedown
Associated acts Zao
Past members Andy Reale
Joshua Aronovsky
Andy Capps
Collin Simula
John Pope
Shawn Jonas
Joshua Hunt
Jeremy Hunt
Tim Stephson
Shawn Seippel

Symphony in Peril was a Christian[3] metalcore band from Columbus, Ohio. The band started in early 2002,[4] and ended in late 2005, after Hellfest, which the band was to play, but was cancelled at the last minute.[5]


Symphony in Peril formed in Columbus, OH in early 2002.[4] The band gained attention quite early in their development because Shawn Jonas, former vocalist for popular metalcore band Zao, was one of the founding members.[4]

Quickly, they signed with Facedown Records, and released their debut full-length, Lost Memoirs and Faded Pictures, in 2003. The band toured nationally and internationally with bands such as Nodes of Ranvier and The Chariot and also performed at the Cornerstone and Sonshine festivals.

In March 2005, shortly after releasing their second album, The Whore's Trophy, the band announced that vocalist Shawn Jonas had left the band. In June of the same year, the band announced that John Pope, former singer for fellow Ohio band Narcissus, would be replacing Jonas.[6]

Later that year, in October, the band announced via their MySpace blog that the band would break up after a few final performances in November.[7]

In more recent years, Drummer/Bassist Collin Simula formed a new project titled Maranatha, which was the first band of any of the members from SIP.[8]


Last known line-up
  • Andy Reale - guitar (2002–2005)
  • Joshua Aronovsky - guitar (2002–2005)
  • Andy Capps - bass (2003–2005)
  • Collin Simula - drums, (2003–2005) bass (2001–2003)
  • John Pope - vocals (2005)
  • Shawn Jonas - vocals (2002–2005)
  • Joshua Hunt - drums (2002)
  • Jeremy Hunt - guitar (2002)
  • Tim Stephson - bass (2003)
  • Shawn Seippel - drums (2002–2003)


  • 2-track demo - 2002
Studio albums


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