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T1, T01, T.1 or T-1 may refer to:




  • T1 spaces, a topological spaces satisfying the T1 separation axiom
  • , the 1-torus

Vehicles and transportation[edit]



  • T-1 Jayhawk, a jet trainer plane used by the U.S. Air Force since 1992
  • T-1 SeaStar, a U.S. Navy turbojet trainer plane first flown in 1953
  • T.1 Swift, a British prototype carrier-based torpedo plane of 1921
  • Bulldog T.1, a British light trainer plane for the RAF flown in 1972
  • Chipmunk T.1, a Canadian-built de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk version made in 1946
  • Fuji T-1, a Japanese trainer plane of 1958
  • Gnat T.1, a British light jet trainer plane of 1959
  • Grob Tutor T.1, a German general aviation trainer plane of 1985
  • Hawk T.1, the original version of the Hawk jet warplane first flown by the RAF in 1976
  • P.57 Sea Prince T1, a British anti-submarine warfare trainer plane of 1948
  • Percival Provost T.1, a British trainer plane of 1952
  • Prentice T.1, a British trainer plane for the RAF of 1941
  • Short Tucano T1, a British turboprop trainer plane for the RAF of 1989
  • Slingsby T.1 Falcon 1, a British-made airplane built by Parikshzk.
  • Sopwith T.1 Cuckoo, a British biplane torpedo bomber of 1918
  • Typhoon T1, a version of the Eurofighter called the "Typhoon"
  • Vigilant T.1, a German light airplane of 1980

Rail transport[edit]


Rapid transit

Commuter rail


Roads/public transport routes[edit]


  • HMNZS Matai (T01), a Royal New Zealand Navy lighthouse tender of 1941, then converted to a minesweeper
  • MV Transpacific (T-1), a 1992 oil tanker under long-term charter to the United States Military Sealift Command
  • USS T-1, a disambiguation page
  • Yugoslav torpedo boat T1, a torpedo boat built for the Austro-Hungarian Navy in World War I, then serving in several European navies until 1959

Other transportation[edit]

Other meanings[edit]

  • T1 Aquarii, a star
  • T1 Carinae, a star
  • T-1, the first Jupiter Trojan survey, a subproject of the Palomar–Leiden survey
  • T1 Light Tank, a U.S. prototype tank
  • T1 General, a tax form used in Canada
  • T-1 (Terminator character), a fictional robot in the Terminator film franchise
  • T-1 visa, a type of visa allowing certain victims of Human trafficking to remain in the United States.
  • DSC-T1, a 2004 Sony Cyber-shot T series camera model
  • AC NM AE T1 mine, a Brazilian minimum metal anti-tank blast mine
  • AP NM AE T1 mine, a Brazilian small minimum metal anti-personnel mine
  • G7a/T1, a WWII German standard issue torpedo
  • Module T1, an adventure module for the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons
  • Soyuz T-1, a 1979 space mission
  • Tour T1, an office skyscraper in La Défense, Paris, France
  • T-1, trademark for A514 steel, a type of steel
  • T1, a level on TORRO scale, a scale for tornado power
  • Tenor 1, a classification of the tenor voice part and the highest voice part in a TTBB chorus
  • Target One, a Mesoamerican archaeological site located in Honduras