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T is the twentieth letter of the Latin alphabet.

T may also refer to:

Codes and units[edit]

  • T, Tera- as in one trillion
  • t, the symbol for tonne or metric ton
  • T, the symbol for "True" in logic
  • Symbol for period, the reciprocal of frequency
  • Tesla (unit), the SI unit of magnetic field
  • \tau, the symbol for torque
  • , the top element of a partially ordered set
  • t, the angular coordinate of the polar coordinate system is usually denoted by θ or t


  • Titus (praenomen), in Roman contexts where other names beginning with T should not be contracted to T.




Video games[edit]

Finance and business[edit]

  • T-Mobile, mobile network operator based in Germany
  • T-Online, German Internet Service Provider
  • Treasury (as in T-Bill, T-Bond, T-Note)
  • T, a mintmark for Nantes, France
  • T, the U.S. ticker symbol for AT&T
  • The AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, United States

Food and drink[edit]


Biology and medicine[edit]


Physics and chemistry[edit]

  • T, symbol for tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen
  • T-symmetry in particle physics
  • Class T, a cool brown dwarf class of stars


Technology and computing[edit]


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