Ta Kream

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Ta Kream
ឃុំ តាគ្រាម
Ta Kream is located in Cambodia
Ta Kream
Ta Kream
Location within Cambodia
Coordinates: 13°04′01″N 103°04′01″E / 13.067°N 103.067°E / 13.067; 103.067Coordinates: 13°04′01″N 103°04′01″E / 13.067°N 103.067°E / 13.067; 103.067
Country  Cambodia
Province Battambang Province
District Banan District
Villages 11
Time zone UTC+07

Ta Kream (Khmer: ឃុំ តាគ្រាម) is a khum (commune) of Banan District in Battambang Province in north-western Cambodia.[1]


Ta Kream contains 11 villages.[2]

Name Khmer Village code
Paoy Svay ប៉ោយស្វាយ 2010801
Ta Kream តាគ្រាម 2010802
Thmei ថ្មី 2010803
Ou Pong Moan អូរពងមាន់ 2010804
Ta Ngaen តាង៉ែន 2010805
Prey Phdau ព្រៃផ្តៅ 2010806
Ou Ta Nhea អូរតាញា 2010807
Dangkot Thnong ដង្គត់ធ្នង់ 2010808
Andoung Neang អណ្តូងនាង 2010809
Anlong Svay អន្លង់ស្វាយ 2010810
Slab Pang ស្លាបប៉ាង 2010811

Kamping Pouy Lake

Kamping Pouy Basin: 6 metres long 1,900 meters wid Can hold 110 million cubic litres of water Used primarily for agriculture.

Kamping Pouy Kamping Puoy is a reservoir located around 30km from the town of Battambang accessible by a new road. The trip out here is part of the attraction as it passes through some stunning countryside. Once at the reservoir there are a number of food and drink stalls to rest at and it is possible to charter a boat to take you out on the lake and maybe visit some of the people who live in stilt houses.

The reservoir was built by the Khmer Rouge in one of their grander schemes and thousands of people died during its construction. It is popular with locals at the weekend who come out here with picnics.