Tadeusz Romer

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Tadeusz Romer

Tadeusz Romer (December 6, 1894 in Antonosz near Kaunas – March 23, 1978 in Montreal) was a Polish diplomat and politician.

He was a personal secretary to Roman Dmowski in 1919. Later he joined the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he served as Polish ambassador to Italy, Portugal, Japan (1937-1941) and the Soviet Union (1942-1943). Then he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Polish Government in Exile (1943-1944). After the war he settled in Canada, where he lectured at the McGill University.

From August 1940 to November 1941, he had managed to get transit visas in Japan, asylum visas to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, immigration certificates to Palestine, and immigrant visas to the United States and some Latin American countries for two thousand Polish-Lithuanian Jewish refugees, who arrived into Kobe, Japan, and Shanghai Ghetto, China.[1]