Taha Baqir

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Taha Baqir
طه باقر
Died28 February 1984
Resting placeNajaf, Iraq
Occupation(s)Assyriologist, author, historian, linguist, academic
Years active1938–1983
Organization(s)Iraqi Department of Antiquities, Iraqi National Museum, University of Baghdad, Iraqi Academy of Sciences
Known forDiscovering the 4000-year-old Laws of Eshnunna
Notable workAkkadian to Arabic translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh

Taha Baqir (Arabic: طه باقر Taha Baqir) (born 1912 in Babylon, Ottoman Iraq – 28 February 1984) was an Iraqi Assyriologist, author, cuneiformist, linguist, historian, and former curator of the National Museum of Iraq.[1][2]

Baqir is considered one of Iraq's most eminent archaeologists. Among the works he is remembered for are his Akkadian to Arabic translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh, his decipherment of Babylonian mathematical tablets,[1] his Akkadian law code discoveries, and his excavations of ancient Babylonian and Sumerian sites; including the ancient Sumerian city of Shaduppum in Baghdad.[3][4]

Baqir was proficient in the four historical Iraqi languages (Arabic, Aramaic, Akkadian, Sumerian), as well as English, French and German.


Iraqi Department of Antiquities and Heritage[edit]

  • Technical expert 1938–1941.
  • Secretary of the Iraqi National Museum 1941–1953.
  • Associate Director of Antiquities 1953–1958.
  • Inspector General of Excavations 1958.
  • General Director of Antiquities 1958–1963.
  • Founder and editor of the journal Sumer 1945–1958.

In Libya[edit]

  • Consultant at the Libyan Department of Antiquities 1965–1970.
  • Professor at the University of Libya 1965–1970.

University of Baghdad[edit]

  • Taught ancient history and civilization at the Faculty of Education, University of Baghdad 1941–1960.
  • Taught ancient Iraqi languages (Sumerian and Akkadian) at the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts 1951–1963.
  • Founding Board Member, University of Baghdad 1957–1958.
  • Board Member of the University of Baghdad 1960–1963.
  • Vice President of Baghdad University 1961–1963.
  • Professor at Baghdad University College of Arts 1970–1978.

Iraqi Academy of Sciences[edit]

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