Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association

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Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association
Taipei Cultural Mosque.JPG
Founded 7 May 2011[1]
Origins Taipei, Taiwan
Area served
 Republic of China
Website www.thida.org

The Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association (THIDA; Chinese: 台灣清真產業品質保證推廣協會; pinyin: Táiwān Qīngzhēn Chǎnyè Pǐnzhí Bǎozhèng Tuīguǎng Xiéhuì) is a certification body that produces Halal certificates in the Republic of China. The association is based in the Taipei Cultural Mosque in Taipei.

The 2013 Taiwan International Halal Expo co-organized by THIDA.
A Chinese halal restaurant in Da'an, Taipei.


THIDA was inaugurated on 7 May 2011 in Taipei. The opening ceremony was attended by association managers, economic representatives, business people and around 300 Taiwan Halal Good Association companies and their relevant factions in Taiwan.[1]


The objectives of this association is:

  • Ensure the Halal-ness to all Muslim consumers anywhere in the world
  • Protect the Halal integrity of local certification bodies from mistakes or mishandling by a few black sheep
  • Avoid consequences from such mistakes that may affect interests of other law-abiding companies
  • Allow sharing of the limited resources of each individual mosque in both the shariah and technical fields

Organization charts[edit]

  • General Assembly
  • Board of Directors and Supervisors
  • President
  • Secretaries
    • Halal Industry Promotion
      • Trade Show
      • Business Integration
      • International Relations
    • Halal Certification
      • Evaluation and Examination
      • Audit and Supervision
      • Education and Training
    • Administration
      • Legal Affairs
      • Finance
      • Documents
    • Consultation
      • Collaboration
      • Industry Advisory

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