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Temple in Takéo
Temple in Takéo
Official seal of Takéo
Map of Cambodia highlighting Takeo
Map of Cambodia highlighting Takeo
Coordinates: 010°59′N 104°47′E / 10.983°N 104.783°E / 10.983; 104.783Coordinates: 010°59′N 104°47′E / 10.983°N 104.783°E / 10.983; 104.783
Country Cambodia
Provincial status1907
CapitalDoun Kaev
 • GovernorOuch Phea
 • Total3,563 km2 (1,376 sq mi)
Area rankRanked 20th
 • TotalIncrease 900,914
 • Rank6th
 • Density252/km2 (650/sq mi)
 • Density rank3rd
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Dialing code+855
ISO 3166 codeKH-21
HDI (2017)0.612[2]
medium · 2nd

Takéo (Khmer: តាកែវ, [taːkaew], lit. 'Crystal Grandfather') is a province (khaet) of Cambodia. Located in the south of Cambodia to the west of Bassac River, Takéo borders the provinces of Kampot to the west, Kampong Speu to the northwest and Kandal to the north and east. Its southern boundary is the international border with Vietnam. The provincial capital, recently known as the provincial town Doun Kaev (formerly called Takeo), is a small city with a population of 39,186.

Takéo is often referred to as the "cradle of Khmer civilization" due to the former kingdom of Funan and its successor, Water Chenla, being centered in the region.


As of 2019, the province has 9 districts and 1 municipality, 97 communes and 3 sangkats, and 1,119 villages.[3]

Previously, before Doun Kaev District was renamed to Krong Doun Kaev, the province was subdivided into 10 districts, 100 communes and 1,117 villages.[4][5]

ISO code District Khmer
21-01 Angkor Borei ស្រុកអង្គរបូរី
21-02 Bati ស្រុកបាទី
21-03 Bourei Cholsar ស្រុកបូរីជលសារ
21-04 Kiri Vong ស្រុកគីរីវង់
21-05 Koh Andaet ស្រុកកោះអណ្ដែត
21-06 Prey Kabbas ស្រុកព្រៃកប្បាស
21-07 Samraŏng ស្រុកសំរោង
21-08 Doun Kaev Municipality ក្រុងដូនកែវ
21-09 Tram Kak ស្រុកត្រាំកក់
21-10 Treang ស្រុកទ្រាំង


  • Phnom Chisor is a mountain north of the city of Takeo. At the summit there are temple ruins from the 10th and 11th centuries. From the mountain there is a good view. The climb is 503 steps. At the summit there are simple beverage stalls. A moped can be taken for the 26-kilometer journey.
  • Phnom Da – a 17 meter high temple dating back to the Funan kingdom (6th century) on a 100 m high hill. It can be reached by an hour boat ride from Takeo. Farmers on the partially flooded rice fields and fishermen and many duck farms can be observed. Large wooden boats deliver cargoes from Vietnam.
  • Angkor Borei – On the road from the town of Takeo is Phnom Da temple. Previously, this was an important trading center. At the harbor there is a small museum documenting the Funan kingdom.

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