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Basic information
Local authority Auckland Council
Electoral ward Manurewa-Papakura
Local board Papakura
Population 10,870 (2009)
Postcode(s) 2112
Train station(s) Takanini Train Station
Hospitals(s) Takanini Care
North Manurewa
Northeast Alfriston
East Ardmore
Southeast Papakura North
South Papakura
Southwest (Towards Manukau Harbour)
West Conifer Grove
Northwest Wattle Downs

Takanini is a suburb of Auckland, in northern New Zealand. It is located on the shores of the Pahurehure Inlet, 28 kilometres southeast of the Auckland CBD.

The suburb is home to the head office of Fonterra Brands (a subsidiary of dairy company Fonterra Co-operative), the new Addison housing development, as well as international horse breeding facilities throughout the area.


An old highway, the Great South Road, runs through Takanini, forming its main street. The road was constructed during the New Zealand Wars to transport supplies to the Waikato campaign. It was guarded by armed constabulary and was a designated military road.

During the major reformation of local government in 1989, Takanini was included into the Papakura District boundaries.

From October 2010, after a review of the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance, the entire Auckland Region was amalgamated into a single city authority. As well as Papakura District, other territorial authorities such as North Shore City, Rodney District, Waitakere City, Auckland City, Manukau City, and the Franklin District were abolished and the entire area amalgamated into a single Auckland city council. The suburb of Takanini is now in the Manurewa-Papakura Ward of the Auckland Council.

Takanini South has recently been in the news as being the most burgled suburb in the whole of New Zealand, with criminals running rife around the area.[1]


The only primary school is Takanini School, a coeducational full primary school with the state system. It has a decile rating of 1.

Takanini has several early childhood centres.

Four co-educational state schools costing more than $92 million will be built in Takanini over the next 15 years. More early childhood services and a Catholic school will also be developed. The plan includes a modern secondary school being built near Papakura Normal School (Papakura) and three primary schools built on sites yet to be secured. The fact that Takanini's population is forecast to grow to 22,000, including 4500 schoolchildren, by 2020 has boosted these major projects. The new secondary school will cater for years 9 to 13; the primary schools from years one to eight.



Similar to Dannemora, and Howick, Takanini has several suburban styled housing complexes throughout the area. Addison, Longford Park, and McLennan are the most major projects which have increased the local property values. In the industrial areas of Takanini, housing is run by the state and several Housing New Zealand clients reside in the urban areas, making Takanini a very diverse and multi-class suburb.


The Auckland Southern Motorway and the North Island Main Trunk Railway run through Takanini. Train and bus services provide the bulk of public transport, with frequent trains on the Southern Line between Takanini and the CBD (Britomart). Though the motorway and Great South Road flow relatively freely at peak times, road commuters are affected by the acute traffic congestion as they get closer to metropolitan Auckland.


Sports facilities include a scout hall, gymnastics stadium, netball courts, and large cricket and touch fields at Bruce Pulman Park.


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