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2009-09-13 00:40:00 +0200

I contribute some information of maybe minor importance - such as may be listed in "trivia".

In 1981, I performed a major bycicle-tour from Munich to the Shetland Islands and back. In Quoys near Haroldswick, I stayed two weeks with Chris and Tony Liston who were, at that time, running the *most* *northerly* Bed and Breakfast of Great Britain.

Tony Liston worked as a steward in the helicopter transfers to the oil platforms. He was one of the victims of this Helicopter crash.

I learned about this in 1993, when I tried, in vain, to re-contact the Listons. Later, I managed to recontact Tony Liston's mother and his widow who live now in the South of England. (talk) 22:51, 12 September 2009 (UTC)

Herwig Huener AQSR

GruberStrasse 12 A

85653 GrossHelfenDorf



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