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Welcome to WikiProject Scottish Islands / Fàilte gu Wiki-Proiseact nan Eilean! / Walcome tae WikiProject Scots Isles!

We hope you enjoy your visit to this project, which was created in July 2007. If you would like to get involved in this venture, please see the How You Can Help page, and add your name to the Participants section below.

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Our goals
  • To provide guidelines and recommendations for articles that describe Scottish islands.
  • To improve Wikipedia's coverage of Scottish islands by creating, expanding, and maintaining such articles.
  • To serve as the central point of discussion for issues related to Scottish islands in Wikipedia.

An overview of the islands involved can be found at the List of islands of Scotland.

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Related: Wikipedia:WikiProject UK geography

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Good article nominees

Scotland is famous for its castles and ghosts. This is a rare example of a castle that is a ghost.
The lighthouse on Eilean Musdile looking north from the Oban to Craignure ferry.
Rockall - it's extreme.


The Scottish Government introduce the Bee Keeping (Colonsay and Oronsay) Order 2013 to protect the species Apis mellifera mellifera from cross-breeding and disease.






  • BBC re-air "Shetland Lone Star" - poor, lonely Thomas Fraser receives WPSI banner but sadly, is still an orphan.
  • MV Coruisk becomes the 2,000th WPSI mainspace article!



April 2009

February 2009




See also Archive, for earlier articles.

To Do List[edit]

Some priorities for improvement:



  1. Top priority stubs
  2. Smaller islands with no infoboxes: Dùn, St Kilda, Grunay, Haaf Gruney, Inchcruin, Inchmoan, Lady's Holm, Linga, Vaila, Little Holm, Scatness,Little Holm, Yell Sound, Little Roe, Muckle Skerry, North Havra, Sibhinis, Urie Lingey, Uynarey
  3. Other stubs: Scottish islands stubs, Shetland stubs, Orkney stubs, Outer Hebridean stubs



  1. See Cleanup listing
  2. Tidy up main list - some of the red links are unlikely topics for articles and could be relegated to an appearance on the subsidiary lists.

Collaboration of the Month[edit]

There were numerous collaborations from 2007-2010. They may be resumed at any time using the "instructions" on the archive page, which also lists earlier collaborations.

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See: Bryan's List.

Pages prone to POV pushing, vandalism, or that otherwise need watching[edit]

Basta, Yell
The old school house on Mingulay/Miughlaigh.

Users should feel free to use the recent changes function to examine changes to most articles relevant to this group by hitting this link.


See also Wikipedia:WikiProject Scottish Islands/Assessment


The extensive Hebridean archipelago

Disambiguation pages[edit]

Berneray - but which one?
1890s Ordnance Survey map of Papa Stour, one of several "Papa" islands
One of many many Lingas with a skerry in front

There are numerous disambiguation pages associated with the Highlands and Islands, especially as many of the smaller islands share names. The following are essentially related to differentiating between Scottish islands. Those indicated with an asterisk (*) are "set index articles" rather than dab pages per se.


Islands with their own categories:

Articles listed for deletion[edit]

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Commissioners' Flag of the Northern Lighthouse Board
There are some sixty islands in Loch Lomond.
Rockall, is it, or isn't it?

Articles which are relevant to Scottish islands.


A contented looking sheep on Eigg

History and folklore[edit]

A blighted potato tuber



Faroese linguist Jakob Jakobsen, whose work on Shetland Norn remains seminal

Politics and government[edit]

The area covered by the Northern Constabulary

Emergency services and police[edit]


Holm of Noss cliffs by Isle of Noss, Shetland


MV Saturn, one of the "Cal Mac" fleet
Up and running at Barra Airport (it's a beach!)
Climate change plays havoc with Hebridean transport routes

Relevant non-WPSI articles[edit]

The Farne Islands... close, but no cigar

The following articles are not directly related to WPSI, but may be of use/interest to our readers for various reasons.


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The approximate extent of Old Norse and related languages in the early 10th century:
  Old West Norse dialect
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  Other Germanic languages with which Old Norse still retained some mutual intelligibility

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