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Proposed deletion[edit]

I just saw a request was submitted, and I do not fully agree with the reasons mentioned. WP cannot of course any and all airline incidents, but I was not able to find out exactly what the guidelines are for inclusion in the template featured at the bottom, for example. I saw there were a number of crashes without articles during April, and decided to check them out. A few were private ones, so I excluded those by assumption (unless someone noteworthy was on board, for example). Three remained - a Saudi helicopter shot down by a Yemeni missile (decided it was part of the Yemeni conflict so not sure whether it should get an article), another was a Turkish helicopter that crashed in bad weather killing 12 (should have an article IMO), and the third was this. I do think it's notable enough, and there are precedents - if you look at 2016, there are a number of military crashes with articles. Because Lesotho is relatively remote and isolated, fewer online news sources are available - but their air defence wing is small and this was the only helicopter of the kind. In my opinion, given all the above, the article should not be deleted, and therefore I have temporarily removed the template and opened discussion here, as per WP rules. Skycycle (talk) 20:32, 30 April 2017 (UTC)