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Wikipedia searching[edit]

I guess if I looked around some more I might find the answer as to why but I just thought I'd comment here (now, while I'm thinking of it) that searching Wikipedia for "801" did not lead to this page (or anything else.) I had to find this via Brian Eno. I did find the article but it seems like a lot of people (thousands of fans?) searching for 801 on Wikipedia will not find them. IanHistor 14:44, 30 June 2006 (UTC)

Listen Now[edit]

I just pulled out my copy of Listen Now on LP & there are only 9 tracks on it. I'm guessing the rest of them were put out as bonus tracks on CD. Add to that there are a lot of personnel from that album not listed including Simon Ainsley who was vocalist on ALL tracks that were not instrumentals & Split Enz frontman Tim Finn who performed backing vocals on a few tracks.