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Improvements section[edit]

Sorry, but the improvements section was wrong, as it stands. Re-read the HA page you linked to, the only improvements in the DFBO contract is for upgrading the A30 Honiton-Exeter and the Puddletown Bypass. Both have already been done. The rest of the contract is for taking over the maintenance of the existing road, as it stands. The contract runs until September 2026. All that happens on that date is the road ownership passes back to the Highways Agency; ie that date is not a date for completion of any works.

The only confirmed improvements along this stretch are the conversion of the concrete surfaces on the new dual carriageway sections to asphalt for noise reasons. There is also some talk about minor fiddling; road marking changes to make junctions safer, speed limit changes, and maybe some minor and completely on-line changes around some of the more dangerous junctions to improve lines of sight. There are certainly no plans for improving the route by building sections of road on new off-line alignments.

Hence, I removed the improvements section. If you can find a way to re-write it whilst remaining factual, feel free. I tried, and apart from mentioning minor, mostly insignificant improvements that may, or may not actually happen, all I could mention was improvements that have already occured - in which case why stop at the Puddletown bypass? Why not make mention of the Dorchester bypass, the Bridport bypass, the Axminster bypass, the numerous changes to the route around Lyme Regis, and so on. Maybe have a History section instead?

I'd suggest if you want a bit more background into the future of this road you consult the A35/A31/A30 (Southampton to Exeter) Route Management Study. It's currently here:, but the HA tends to move things about a lot. JamesD 13:19, 12 June 2007 (UTC)

  • James D is right, the referenced Highways Agency document does not state a process of improvements to be completed by 2026, 2026 is the date the UK taxpayers finish repaying the finance agreement for the improvements which were completed in 2000. There are no scheduled improvements currently listed for the A35 on highways agency website. Rather than deleting the section en bloc I have changed the last sentence to clarify the meaning and added an inline citation. It would be best if someone could write a full History section incorporating the earlier upgrades but I don't have time right now.Baldy Bill (talk) 01:10, 7 January 2013 (UTC)