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Friction record[edit]

The claim that Ali Erdemir, or anyone else for that matter, has broken a friction record at any point in time is absolutely false. First of all, the idea of breaking a friction record is absurd. No serious scientist in the field of tribology would even try to break a friction record because serious scientists do not aim to discover the lowest, or highest, or the tallest, or the smallest etc. of anything. Serious scientists try to discover scientific facts that are interesting and useful to humanity. Furthermore, measuring the lowest recorded friction in a lab is fraught with many problems: How do we know whether this person measured correctly? Were there any witnesses who are knowledgeable enough to verify this feat? In order to measure a very small amount of friction, we have to measure a very small amount of force. The possibility of errors in measuring a tiny amount of force is extremely high. Secondly, how do we even know that the surfaces were in contact? If two surfaces are not in contact, the friction is zero. How do we know that the normal force on the surfaces were non-zero? If the normal force is zero, then the friction force is also zero. Perhaps Erdemir didn't have the surfaces in contact or didn't have a non-zero normal force and that's why he measured a low friction. I don't know where to begin about the absurdity of such a claim. Simply put, no one has broken a friction record, let alone Mr. Erdemir. If you make a simple google search, you will find that there is no serious publication in the world that would collaborate this claim. The concept of breaking a friction record itself is absurd. Please remove such claims from this article.

Vikiyazar (talk) 21:59, 16 July 2015 (UTC)