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Semi-protected edit request on 7 November 2015[edit]

Cast and Characters Bryn McAuley – Anne Shirley - a smart and imaginative redheaded orphan girl who is adopted by the aging Cuthbert siblings. She is the main character of the series and appears in every episode of the show. In the opening sequence, Anne had a magical ability to fly. Wayne Robson – Matthew Cuthbert - a quiet and kind bachelor farmer who is Marilla's older brother and Anne's adoptive father. Emily Hampshire – Diana Barry - Anne's best friend, known for her jet-black hair and sunny disposition. She appears in all episodes except 'The Stray', 'The Ice Cream Promise', and Oh Brother!'. Ali Mukaddam – Gilbert Blythe - Anne's friend who often competes with her academically. He appears in all episodes except 'Lost And Found', Oh Brother!', and 'Anne's Disappearing Allowance'. He also is seen as a background character in episodes such as 'The Stray' and 'A Bully by the Horns'. Dalene Irvine – Felicity King - a classmate of Anne and company who is jealous of her and seeks to embarrass her often. However, she and Anne are still friends (sometimes). Kyle Fairlie – Felix King - Felicity's younger brother and one of Anne's best friends. He is a nice, sturdy and inventive boy. He owns a rowdy fox terrier called Caesar. He shares Anne's love for adventure and will follow her anywhere! Linda Sorensen – Hetty King - The Avonlea schoolteacher. Like Marilla, she has a no-nonsense attitude, but has faith in her students. Patricia Gage – Marilla Cuthbert - Anne's adoptive mother. She has a strict, no-nonsense attitude but loves Anne very much. She is the second most predominant character in the series, after Anne. Anne Anglin – Peg Bowen - an eccentric woman of whom the kids are afraid until they learn she holds the answers to many of their problems. She appears in 'The Stray,' 'Taffy,' 'One True Friend,' 'Lost And Found,' The Ice Cream Promise' 'The Witch of Avonlea,' 'A Square Peg,' and 'A Condition of Superstition.' Tracey Moore – Dryad - a wood nymph of Anne's imagination who occasionally helps Anne in solving problems. Patricia Hamilton – Rachel Lynde - Marilla's friend and the most gossipy woman in Avonlea. She appears in 'Babysitter Blues', 'The Stray', 'The Ice Cream Promise', 'The Avonlea Herald', and 'A Condition Of Superstition.' Unknown - Caesar - Felix's dog, who is rowdy and out of control. He likes to escape by biting the rope that ties him down away. He only appears in two episodes, 'A Condition Of Superstition', and 'No Anne Is An Island.' He is a fox terrier. Keith Dinicol and Keith Knight- The Willows - Two weeping willow trees that Anne talks to in her imagination. They seem to have different personalities, one is dramatic and stuffy, the other is grumpy and cynical. They appear in the episodes 'The Stray,' 'Taffy,' 'One True Friend', 'The Witch of Avonlea,' and 'A Condition Of Superstition.' No Voice - The Swings - The local swing set. They have supernatural powers to see the future and tell where lost people are. They only appear in 'A Condition Of Superstition,' because Anne and her friends asked so many question that their powers seemed to wear off.

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