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Miracle of 19 in Quranic Initialed Suras: Sura 40-46[edit]

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Miracle of 19 in Quranic Initialed Suras: Sura 40-46

Of the 29 Quran Suras (of the 114) that have verse 1 as Quranic initials (Muqattat), Seven suras are prefixed with the letters “H ح “ and “M م;” Suras 40 through 46. The total occurrence of these two letters in the seven H.M.-initialed suras is 2147, or 19x113. The detailed data are shown in Table below. Naturally, the alteration of a single letter “H” or “M” in any of the seven H.M.-initialed suras would have destroyed this intricate phenomenon.

Table: Occurrence of the Letter "H" and "M" in the Seven H.M.-Initialed Suras

Sura No. H ح Frequency M م Frequency H+M
40 64 380 444
41 48 276 324
42 53 300 353
43 44 324 368
44 16 150 166
45 31 200 231
46 36 225 261
Total 292 1855 2147(19x113)

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In order to support the above fact please see the explanations below:

(1) The Miracle of 19: unveiled by Rashad Khalifa Ph.D. in the Quran revealed by God to last Prophet Muhammad is not an original research. This is proven for example by Appendix 1 of the Authorized English Version translated from the Original by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D. copyright © Islamic Productions and

(2) The above is based on reliable & verifiable source.

Explanation: (a) It is based on the widely accepted Quran text by

(b) states Khalifa's first publicized report in the Arab world appeared in the Egyptian magazine Akher Sa'a, in January, 1973. Updates of his research were subsequently published by the same magazine later that year and again in 1975: • ^ Akher Sa'a magazine, Egypt, January 24, 1973. • ^ Akher Sa'a magazine, Egypt, November 28, 1973. • ^ Akher Sa'a magazine, Egypt, December 31, 1975.

(c ) Book written by Cesar Adib Majul, Ph.D., Former Dean, Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Philippines regarding the 19 based Mathematical Structure of Quran: and and

(d) The proofs are easily verifiable Sura 40, Sura 41, Sura 42, Sura 43, Sura 44, Sura 45 and Sura 46.

(3) The fact is based on data accepted by main stream & majority of Shia and Sunni Muslims worldwide.

Explanation: (a) These are based on independent, verifiable, reliable, undisputed Quran data, reference texts commonly accepted by those in control of web sites and Quran printings etc. of Sunnis and Shias too, and widely used by “mainstream” Muslims worldwide - The King Fahd Press based Arabic Quran by is also used by main stream Shia sect - we see following statement made for the Quranic initials in Sura 2 verse 1.

[Pooya/Ali Commentary 2:1] Many interpretations have been forwarded and manipulated by some commentators, but they are all based upon conjecture, devoid of any definite authority. According to the holy Imams these letters are a means of reaching the higher realms of true knowledge, available in the verses of the Quran, but the domain of sublime confidences are reserved only for the chosen representatives of Allah.

(b) The Structure of 19 in Quran is one of the modules (Module VI page 13 -14) taught at The University of Calicut, Kerala, India

(4) The neutral point of view,

The Quran as we all (muslims, submitters to God) know is the unifying factor for moderate ... Islam (Submission to God); therefore to minimize the extremists and sectarian viewpoints (which would be danger to world peace), we trust Wikipedia would not wish to restrict freedom of information etc., of modern, logical & scientific information to the Muslims – for example (per (3) (b) above), 19 based structure in Quran is being taught, obviously to “Mainstream” Muslim and even non-Muslims within Islamic History. Thus with due respect I submit that the modern facts under discussion are not a matter of any issues or view points or ideas. India is the largest democracy in the World, a Secular Country, and its Kerala State give due Constitutional recognition to various religions to the extent that this relation between 19 and Quran is taught at the University of Calicut, Kerala, mentioned above.


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