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Isn't this uh... a little classified-ish?

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No, not classified[edit]

Nothing on the AUTEC page is classified; you can find all the same information on AUTEC on public U.S. Navy RFQ's, NAVSEA and NUSC presentations, and on contractor advertising, classified ads, job postings, brochures, handouts, unclassified reports, people's resumes, etc. Bear in mind that in America you have a right to know what the government is doing, unless it reduces that information to a scrap of paper or other data stamped "secret" or "confidential."

The next time you track a sub at AUTEC, check the ops plan, the program plan, post-test reports, and other paperwork associated with the mission, and it is rare that any of that information is stamped clasified. It is shredded after the test or mission is completed because it is "For Official Use Only" (FOUO) material. In the case of AUTEC, there is no official provision in the contract to save all -- repeat all -not counting the DCAS stuff --- data and return it to the Government on contract expiration.

AUTEC teaches submarine commanders to do the stuff you see in the movie "The Hunt for Red October" -- Should that film be classified?Wikited (talk) 16:34, 27 April 2008 (UTC)


A.U.T.E.C. are manufactures of Advanced Technology. If you look at Google maps and search AUTEC you'll see what seems to be a Baseball diamond. Is actually a classified research facility that is restricted area. I've been inside this area because ive seen Extra Terrestrials on my boat when I was on a classified mission in the NAVY which even I wasnt breifed enough on my own mission we reported the ETs and was sent on a Bus with blacked out windows. Next thing i know im in an interragation room and was asking me questions about the ETs. Next thing i know im in the Bahamas so I called my wife saying that im goiing to be late. The next day my buddie told me that WE WERE AT AUTEC. The next week after the word spread my Buddie didnt show up for work the next day and any day after that so i showed up at his house and he had two 9mm bullets to his head. The goverment did this. Three words for them. DAMN YOU ALL!!

Lt. Phillip McGregor The Happenings of October-November 1987

P.S. The Murder of Cpl. Jason Nicholson was never reported.


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