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Hi, corrected some of the engine data (N52 is successor to the M54, not the M52, and added new versions of the 3-liter N52B30 and new cars that it wasn't listed for.

I'll tooth comb this and other BMW stuff when I have time.

Jussi 09/22/2006 3 am EST

Added a self-taken picture of my N52B30 (195kW/315Nm version, build date 06/11/06) and listed which of the models with the 3-liter N52B30 were exclusive to Europe.

I can be contacted at if you are a BMW/NA/N52B30 fan like myself.

Jussi 09/22/2006 5 am EST

The 328i/xi outputs are not correct for the US. Somehow it seems that the US engine isn't even listed. Specs are here:

How can this be the world's lightest 6-cyl? Surely there is a smaller-displacement engine somewhere that qualifies for the title? Plus, if the given weight of 354lbs is correct then it would be heavier than its own granddaddy the BMW M20. (talk) 06:36, 2 January 2008 (UTC)