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'The End...'[edit]

NO DISCUSSION! I can't fathom how this page has existed for several years, and there is no discussion here. Am I overlooking an archive link?

Do not misunderstand me: I LOVE the concept and execution of the Barefoot Doctors program in Communist China (I wouldn't be much of a ragity man if I didn't). I am not a communist, but not all of their philosophy was bad. I am very interested to see how these French initiatives, and the UN mandate overall, play out.

I have made an edit, and I feel I should comment here. In the 3rd section, last paragraph, the third sentence said, "It pays 10..., by insuring coverage..." I changed it to read, "and insures coverage..."

Now I am not at all conversant with this program. An American nursing friend mentioned a book, "The Barefoot Doctor's Manual," which I was seeking when I found this article. My immediate concern is that I not change the meaning conveyed in the sentence. The English should be correct, of course, so if you have to revert my edit for meaning, please address the scansion of this sentence, or get some help.

There are issues here. I hope to edit some more, as time allows. This article has great potential. With lots of work, I think it could be a featured article: at the very LEAST, DYK material. Rags (talk) 19:23, 3 September 2015 (UTC)


Coco Dong is gone. Coco Dong made one edit, which was reverted, and never attempted to contribute to this project again. His writing was weak. He didn't copy-edit his work, and he left no spaces between sentences. Not ONE space, like many who are accustomed to blogs and email. NONE. Butted each sentence up against the period of the previous sentence. His contribution was his own personal observation. WP:OR, without a doubt. None of these things are acceptable in an encyclopedic article on this project. But his/her voice was authentic. Listening to it, you could almost smell the rice paddies. (Is that a racist remark? It's not intended that way. Maybe rice fields are more Vietnam than China. I don't know.) Coco Dong was never welcomed to en.Wikipedia. No explanation was given for his revert. Maybe I'm maudlin. Maybe not. Coco Dong spoke, wrote, and read at least two languages. Probably more. He could use a computer, or he never would have found this article. I find this unacceptable. In certain precincts there is conversation about encouraging new editors. "Don't bite the newbies!" I've heard more than once. I am a very stubborn, hard-headed person at times, and I got through my first edits/reversions by main force and muleishness. I started out blanking pages. That was not my intent, but I did it enough times that I believe I was blocked for a time. I persisted, and I learned. But I can speak and write (and read) tolerably well. I would argue that this is a LARGE project, with a LARGE need for manpower. I read messages on talk/project pages often which are written not much better than Coco Dong. I would argue that we don't know what training, what knowledge, what native skills and abilities he/she brought to the table, and now, three years later, we aren't likely to. Be patient with our ESL brothers and sisters. Try to spare them a little time. I once knew a family of Dongs. I assumed from the first that Coco Dong was a pseudonym, but possibly not. In south-central China the name may be quite common. "Coco" I don't know about.

This is what he/she wrote [5Nov2012]:

"+ What the most inportant things that barefoot doctors left fot us is the spirit of being a doctor.People in backcountry treat 'barefoot doctors' as angels because they are a group of people who really take care of poor people and serve them from the bottom of their heart.According to the medical institution in 21 centruy,wards of hospotals are more and more sumptuousness,fee of medicine is more and more high,this inappropriate medical institution makes the relationship between doctors and patients more contradiction.People around the world miss the spiritual core of barefoot doctor———sincere."

This is not encyclopedic. It could be polished up and lipsticked, but it would still be WP:OR. But there is value here. I don't know where this belongs. Not on this talk page, either, but SOMEWHERE. We threw away Coco Dong. We shouldn't throw away this sentiment, as well. That's all I'm saying. Rags (talk) 06:56, 4 September 2015 (UTC)