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Despite much 'anecdotal' evidence which indicates there are health problems associated with living near mobile phone base stations my personal experience of living within 150 metres of a transmitter only add to the mountain of surfacing evidence. Basically, the human experiment of my family living close by has served to re-enforce the view that base station emmissions interfere with human sleep patterns and over a period of time will cause us to be 'run down'. I would like to dedicate this page to others experiences of this type of non-ionizing radiation. Please feel free to comment in a structured way.

Maybe 'non-ionizing radiation' would be a better place for this? This isn't about base stations. -BK 13:26, 11 October 2005 (UTC)

Maybe you just can't sleep. Why do people always look for something to blame their problems on. You even posted it under the wrong thing. Quit Whining. If it was a problem to health, they would probably get rid of wireless providers all together. While there is evidence supporting both sides, the article will stay neutral. What ever IP adress keeps adding "CELL TOWERS SUCK AND SHOULD NOT BE BUILT IN PEOPLE'S BACK YARDS" should be banned also. I have taken their comments out multiple times.