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The input is: a b + c d e + * *

Expression Tree

Since the first two symbols are operands, one-node trees are created and pointers are pushed to them onto a stack. For convenience the stack will grow from left to right.

Stack growing from Left to Right

The next symbol is a '+'. It pops the two pointers to the trees, a new tree is formed, and a pointer to it is pushed onto to the stack.

Formation of a New Tree

Next, c, d, and e are read. A one-node tree is created for each and a pointer to the corresponding tree is pushed onto the stack.

Creating One-Node Tree

Continuing, a '+' is read, and it merges the last two trees.

Merging Two Trees

Now, a '*' is read. The last two tree pointers are popped and a new tree is formed with a '*' as the root.

Forming a New Tree with a Root

Finally, the last symbol is read. The two trees are merged and a pointer to the final tree remains on the stack.

Steps to Construct an Expression tree a b + c d e + * *

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