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Changes in August 2006[edit]

I've just reverted some changes by User: The paragraphs I've removed or reverted were:

In 1924. When Foster Square Finally Opened / Market Street Ended Half Its Mainline Passenger/Freight Traffic Trains To be transferred to foster square and makeway for better branch line traffic until 1990 / when foster square was rebuilt

The current Forster Square Station, a modern three-platform station, was built in 1990 somewhat to the north of the former station; the latter was Dismantled / Removed two years later In 1992 to make way for a £90 million shopping centre.

The /Now/ Empty Market Street Station Site Is Still There And / Today / Yo uCan Still Visit The Old Bradford / Market Street Station Site, All You Will See Is Nothing But Empty Platforms Properties, And Landscape,

I'm reluctant to describe these as vandalism (they may be well-intentioned) but they're incoherent and (in so far as I can make sense of them) wrong. ColinFine 09:04, 6 August 2006 (UTC)