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The splitting of into towns and muncipalities isn't correct yet. At least Müllheim and Staufen are towns to, and I think some more. 14:26 Mar 27, 2003 (UTC) ((That's tillwe, to lazy to log in))

It seem's now, but I'm not sure about it -- maybe some of the towns are historical towns, but legal muncipalities? -- till we *) 12:12 Apr 26, 2003 (UTC)
I did that list according to - and that list only names Breisach and Neuenburg as "Stadt", all others are listed as "Gemeinde". As every "Stadt" is also a "Gemeinde" that list isn't completely wrong, but at least very misleading. I don't know if it is true in Baden-Württemberg as well, but AFAIK the only difference between city and municipality today is the name, historically a city had much more rights (like allow industry inside urban area), but these are all obsolete now. andy 08:18 Apr 28, 2003 (UTC)
AFAIK there are some differences in Baden-Württemberg; at least in my home muncipality of Gundelfingen there was some discussion if it shouldn't apply for town status with almost 12.000 inhabitants.
The Gemeindeordnung für Baden-Württemberg [1] says in §5
(2) Die Bezeichnung »Stadt« führen die Gemeinden, denen diese Bezeichnung nach bisherigem Recht zusteht. Die Landesregierung kann auf Antrag die Bezeichnung »Stadt« an Gemeinden verleihen, die nach Einwohnerzahl, Siedlungsform und ihren kulturellen und wirtschaftlichen Verhältnissen städtisches Gepräge tragen. Wird eine Gemeinde mit der Bezeichnung »Stadt« in eine andere Gemeinde eingegliedert oder mit anderen Gemeinden zu einer neuen Gemeinde vereinigt, kann die aufnehmende oder neugebildete Gemeinde diese Bezeichnung als eigene Bezeichnung weiterführen.
So it seems that you're right and there is no difference between towns and muncipalities (Gemeinden). The only difference I found is regarding "Große Kreisstädte" (more than 20.000 inhabitants) and "Stadtkreise", which both have not a "Bürgermeister", but an "Oberbürgermeister". Maybe it would be a good idea to list all as muncipalities and don't differentiate between towns and muncipalities. -- till we *) 12:10 May 3, 2003 (UTC)