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Dear Wikipedia[edit]

Dave "the PIPE" here...I've been studying the Windsock Datafile No.44 book on this very early British WW I fighter aircraft, and from a quarter-century long association with a fellow aeromodeler, Hank Iltzsch of Seekonk, MA USA, who designed and built the Bristol Scout D as a radio controlled scale model in the popular, so-called "RC Giant Scale" size (3 inch=1 foot, or 25cm = 1 meter) size for the Academy of Model Aeronautics monthly magazine, Model Aviation, way back in 1980...still available as Plan No. 328 from the AMA for US $22.50...I wrote up a Wikipedia article for the Bristol Scout aircraft that goes into VERY much more detail on the entire series of Bristol Scout aircraft, which ranged through FOUR versions, named Scout A through D.

I used the Datafile No.44 as the basis for this article, and would very much like to see that text up at Wikipedia for referencing by other antique aviation fans to see.

Hope to hear back about Email's at !

Yours Sincerely,

Dave "the PIPE" !!!

Right turn[edit]

Supposedly the rotary engine's gyroscopic effect allowed it to make a tighter right turn than any other aircraft of the period. Wanted to know if anyone could confirm this. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 17:43, 3 May 2007 (UTC).