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Removed claim[edit]

Removed the unsourced claim that Miyuki is the only trained amezaiku artist working at Epcot. According to this Masaji Terasawa has performed at Epcot at least from 1996-2010. It appears that the claim originally said that she was the only woman performing amezaiku at Epcot (a somewhat silly statement considering the more notable claim that she is the only woman trained in it anywhere). Possibly Terasawa is no longer working at Epcot (2013). Either way, the claim needs expansion for clarity and a source.

I also removed an external link to a thread discussing the free souvenir aspect of show. There was formerly a claim in the article that the candy sculptures requested during the show were given away. This was eventually replaced by a claim that the practice was discontinued because of food handling regs. Don't know why the claim was removed, except it doesn't look like it was ever reliably sourced; anyway, the link is being removed for failing WP:ELNO.Richigi (talk) 18:20, 25 January 2013 (UTC)