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To capitalize kingbird or not[edit]

I notice that the article has been moved and moved again based on the capitalization of kingbird.

My personal preference would be to not capitalize it, but Wikipedia seems to have adopted a standard whereby the common names of birds are capitalized. This is apparently based on a standard promulgated by one of the bird groups.

If kingbird is not to be capitalized this article is not the place to start that argument. In my brief survey of articles about birds all the words in the common names were capitalized. I first became aware of this issue when I looked at the Ostrich article. It looked weird to my eyes (and apparently the individual that was making an issue about it) to capitalize Ostrich. I went off in search of examples to support my idea that it shouldn't be capitalized but I didn't find any. The common names of birds are capitalized in Wikipedia and I certainly don't care enough to get involved in an effort to change what looks like a well established standard.--Davefoc (talk) 06:05, 30 May 2012 (UTC)