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gahuja: Overall, this page is compiled neatly and very well organized. The introduction is well done, however it needs a little bit of organization. The section on history is very informative and gives an image of virtual timeline. The economics section could use more information and include information from modern day research and studies. The section on health related issues is well researched by you and has all the risks included which are caused by smoking. The one thing missing from this wiki page are pictures. A variety of bar graphs are needed to display the information which you have written. Pictures of damaged lungs and other effected parts of the body could be displayed the health issues section. The wiki page is looking good and has ample amount of information.

Yuuusraz: I think this page is making very good progress, but in my personal opinion I think a few structural changes would really benefit the article. I think the “History of Tobacco” and “The Economy of Cigarette” should be moved to the beginning (after the intro and before “Brief Overview of Cigarette Warning Labels” section, of course) of the article as an appropriate introduction to the topic. There can also be a section on how the program was established by the Secretary of Health and Human Service. Also, information on how the interagency committee’s works on smoking and health issues could be added as well as the details about reports submitted to congress by the Secretary. I found a great article that includes discussing the legalities of cigarette labeling and education on Cornell University Law School’s website. I also think this page could really benefit from some statistics and pictures (Maybe picture of cigarette health warning labels). Information on reasons why tobacco industry is so profitable could be included in “The Economy of Cigarettes” could be include acres of tobacco harvested in the United States and can be ranked by state; this would should were the problems arise from. That section could also include the largest U.S. companies that produce cigarettes/tobacco. The last thing that I think should really be emphasized on is the health problems that arise from cigarette smoking. This section should be divided up in subheadings to clear it up a little bit, maybe a separate section on second hand smoke that can include some statistics, and of course there you can include the infamous pictures of before and after lungs of smoking. Goodluck! Yuuusraz (talk)

I added the History of Tobacco, Economics and health issues that are related to smoking. Legendarygottyline (talk) 05:11, 6 December 2011 (UTC)

I added the History of Tobacco, Economics and health issues that are related to smoking. Legendarygottyline (talk)