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Removal of Member Societies and Humanist of the Year Links[edit]

These links have been removed in line with WP:NOT. The information is not of value to the article, is a mere directory of links, and the information can be accessed via the organisation's main site. Please refrain from re-adding this information. -- Thewinchester (talk) 15:04, 12 April 2007 (UTC)

Removal of Statistics around the world[edit]

These statistics are somewhat redundant as there are covered not only in other articles pertaining to Secular Humanism but also in articles for Religion, Sociology, and theism / non-theism. Why an organization based in Australia would require world wide stats to be reported from Wikipedia, rather than from their own web site is beyond me. If, say, they wished to create a new article about world wide stats of religious adherents, atheist, ect. (something I know is already covered) and use there own perhaps research to back up these claims, well, then I could see nothing wrong with that then. Until that time arrives though ... well ... you know the rest.

-A random student from SUNY Buffalo