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I've made changes to this page to address the concerns of user Smackbot:

Written like an advertisement: I've rewritten stretches of this, consolidating various section and taking out many adverbs to get a neutral POV voice.

General Notability Guidelines: A search of his name in Google News comes up with 265 entries (May 2011) from a number of business news sources. These include Habiger's promotion to CEO, important sales the company made. There are also a number of quotes surrounding Sonic Solutions product launches that were widely covered by tech and business journals. The article has links to interviews with CNBC, CNN, Fox News, USA Today, TheStreet.Com, and Bloomberg TV. This seems to confirm that the subject is an important business executive who passes the general notability guidelines.

Martin kelley (talk) 20:45, 25 May 2011 (UTC)