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(Listed as living person, as there are no reliable sources to his living status in the article.)

Basic questions[edit]

1) Is EW still alive ? If not, when did he die ?

2) Needs a brief description of who he was - e.g. EW is/was a furniture designer (or whatever he did).

3) "furniture that was ... understood". Surely this should be "understated" ?

4) Several links are to obviously incorrect pages, with no obvious substitutes. These include -

"Dunbar" - link is to the town of Dunbar in Scotland, Dunbar disambiguation page has no likely substitutes

"Nelson" - link is to Admiral Horation Nelso, Nelson has no likely substitutes

"Janus" - link is to the Janus which has no likely substitutes

5) "title-topped tables" - should this be "tile-topped tables" ?

6) What are "staking tables"?

7) Who or what are the "Natzlers" ?

GeraldH 15:21, 14 April 2006 (UTC)