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Name "JARO"[edit]

Do you know from where does JARO come from ? Is it an acronym, or something else ?

Jaro stands for "JAkobstads ROstfria", an old steel factory in Jakobstad, today a part of the Outukumpu Plc. The team FF Jaro started as a football team for the workers in the factory, back in the beginnig of the 60's, maybe 50's, not really sure when they started.

Juuri 07:43, 12 August 2007 (UTC)

Jaro was founded in 1965 by the steel company Jakobstads Rostfria. There were other worker-background clubs in Jakobstad, such as Into, club of Finnish-speaking workers and JBK (Jakobstads Bollklub), club of Swedish-speaking workers. But the Jaro was especially a club of the company and the players were tempted to play there by money. In Finland, the sports clubs were formerly divided between left-wing and right-wing clubs, and Jaro was a right-wing club (the clubs were members of either TUL (workers' sports federation) or SVUL ("bourgeois" sports federation) and Jaro was in the latter. But I don't know how really political was it, players used to switch clubs sometimes. -Monstradamus 19 April 2008