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External links[edit]

All Wikipedia Visitors should be able to decide whether to use any relevant external links; that decision should not be made for them by other Wikipedia Editors. I had entered an external link (details below) but it was removed by other Editors without consultation, even though registration is not required and access is Free to the results of detailed Technical Analysis of all the constituents of FTSE Mid-250 Index. If you consider that the external link may be of interest to other Visitors, please add it to the ‘article’ page.

To access the removed external link, click on the ‘history’ tab of ‘article’ page then click to view Revision (236132909) 23:57 3 September 2008 by TechAnalysis. Scroll to ‘External Links’ section and click on the removed link.

TechAnalysis (talk) 17:49, 25 September 2008 (UTC)