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Nepali Hindu community in Belgium[edit]

Around 5000 nepaleses reside in Belgium where Leuven, Antwerpen and Brugge are mostly dense than others. This communnity is the symbol of unity in diversity which represents divers origine of Nepal. Nepal Cutureal society (Sanatan Dharma sewa Parisad) is actively involved to preserve tha traditional eastern vedic culture and to transform it to the new generation. It organizes different events like Shivaratrai, Thulo Ekadashi and Deshain etc. Fortunately, a young pandit Ramhari Shastri performs the religious events on those special occasions. This community is united and also integrated to local society in religious aspects. Satya Sai samittte has its one position who organize the praying program to lord Shiva every week-end with local belgiun people in Brussels and Antwerpen. The Hindu nepalese community of Belgium takes part in the special events organized by other organizatios. Radhadesh temple organizes religious events where sanatan dharma sewa parisad activiely participates and shows the strong solidarity towards their effort. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 11:53, 11 March 2012 (UTC)